Before and After Removal of Hair Extensions

After 5 full months of wearing my last set of hair extensions, I had them safely removed last week and I couldn’t believe how much my natural hair has grown. 

I have never felt so happy with my natural hair, so I wanted to write a post to break the misconceptions about hair extensions and how picking the right salon and professional to apply them can actually help your locks grow long and look healthy. 

I first discovered Inanch and began getting my hair extensions applied there 4 and a half years ago, and it’s the best decision I ever made! Back then, my hair barely touched my shoulders and after years of bleach abuse, it was completely broken and frazzled! I wanted long Repunzel locks and the only way I was going to achieve this was by getting some hair extensions. I did my research and after discovering the multiple award winning salon Inanch and some recommendations by celebrities on twitter, I booked my consultation and a couple of weeks later I finally had the long flowing hair I always dreamt of!

Each set of extensions last me approximately 5-7 months and I always make sure I return to Inanch to have them removed professionally. There was only 1 time out of the 4-5 years that I made the mistake and booked to have them removed locally in Essex as I couldn’t get into London, and I instantly regretted it. They had no idea what they were doing and it took them 3 hours to pull them out of my hair. I learnt never to make that mistake again and to stick to the professionals. Inanch, however, deal with extensions all day, every day, and are experts at it. They use a special oil to loosen the bond and within seconds the extension simply slides away from my natural hair, leaving no damage what so ever. The entire removal process takes around 20 minutes. 

I am utterly amazed each time I have a set removed, at how long my natural hair has grown in between. The first photo above on the left was taken in December 2013, and the photo next to it was taken last week, so you can clearly see that after 2 sets of hair extensions over 11 months, my hair has thickened and grown. The photo on the right was also taken after a trim too!

Although I am in love with my current hair length, I will still get extensions for thickness, mainly because I think I’m a little addicted and can’t bring myself to say goodbye to them just yet!

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