Botox/Fillers Q&A With Dr Hilary Allan from Woodford Medical

Botox and fillers have been around for years and years, but within the past 10 years, it’s become one of the biggest talking points when it comes to treatments and skincare.

I often sense a lot of negativity around the subject of botox and fillers, and that’s because it feels as though everyone and anyone is offering it these days. The fact it’s so easily available and often carried out by unqualified and inexperienced practitioners has led to a lot of horror stories which put a lot of people off.

This is exactly why I wanted to start documenting my experience at the clinic I go to, Woodford Medical. I’ve been visiting this clinic for almost two years now, for various skin treatments and I lip fillers, and I’m now starting to explore the world of botox!

I’ve been thinking about getting botox for a little while now, for preventative reasons. Wrinkles and ageing are inevitable, but botox can really help to zap early signs of wrinkles to prevent them from getting worse. In my eyes, it’s better to do something about the wrinkles that are irritating me now, then wait for them to deepen before I finally decide.

Thankfully for me, as I had already been visiting Woodford Medical previously, I knew that the founding doctors, Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson are a trusted and ethical partnership who have worked in the cosmetic industry since demand and awareness for aesthetic treatments began to grow in the early nineties. They are both named in the top ten medical aesthetic doctors in the UK by the Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph.

I booked to have a consultation with Dr Hilary Allan and decided to take you along with me! I also asked you all on my Instagram stories to send in any questions you’d like me to ask and was blown away by how many of you got in touch. I narrowed down the questions to around 10 and then filmed my consultation with Dr Allan where we addressed each concern.

You can watch our conversation below, and in my next video I’ll be taking you along to my actual botox appointment with Dr Allan and you can watch it being performed! Please do leave any questions in the comments of the video or this blog post, and I’ll make sure I ask Dr Allan next time I see her and get back to you with the answer.