Jose Eber Vibrating Straighteners

Okay, so you’re probably all thinking what I initially thought when I received these through the post. Vibrating straighteners? Why? How?

Jose Eber have done it again and released a revolutionary hair styling product that kicks all others to the curb. 

This is the vibrating flat iron, featuring 1.5 inch plates that vibrate when you clamp down on your hair. The vibrations allow the plates to seamlessly glide through your hair, straightening it so much faster than regular straighteners and leaving your hair silky soft. The vibrating movements removes kinks and the ceramic plates seal in moisture to create the smoothest finish. 

The extra wide plates allow larger sections of hair to be straightened each time, which speeds up the whole process. This is ideal for my crazy mornings getting ready for work, where despite saying every evening I’ll get up early and have enough time to get ready, I’m always left running around like a crazy woman! Before, it would take me about 15 minutes to straighten my hair, but now it only takes me 5 minutes!! (leaving me more time to snooze in bed!)

You can view these and the rest of the Jose Eber products on their website here (click here if you’re in the US). Use code “SUMMERUPGRADE” for some money off!