My Favourite Full Coverage Foundation

Hello! I’m talking makeup today, and I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post to a foundation I discovered last Summer and now use every single day.

I felt a bit bad at first because it was like I was cheating on my poor little YSL Fusion Ink foundation that I’d bought on repeat for as long as I can remember…but…along came the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and it kicked all the other foundation’s butts!

Rewind to last Summer when I booked to have my make up done by the lovely Danika Daisley for Lloyd’s 30th birthday party. I very rarely get my make up done because I’m always picky about foundations and worry they’ll use one that doesn’t match my skin type, but I decided to give Danika a try after hearing so many great recommendations. I’m so so glad I did because I could not have been happier with my face as I skipped out of her house that day. It lasted all day and into the evening too.

I text Danika the next day asking what products she used and found out the foundation was the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I snapped it up immediately in the colour Patagonia and have not looked back. Sorry, not sorry, little YSL.

So not only did I discover my new favourite foundation from Danika, but I also picked up a few little tricks for applying it too. Did you know you should dampen your beauty blender before using it? You probably already knew because it’s apparently common knowledge, but I had no idea!! I now run it under the tap and squeeze it out in a hand towel before using it to set my foundation and concealer and oh my gosh what a difference it makes! It blends the product beautifully and leaves such a lovely finish.

Back to the foundation and the reasons why I love it so much. Firstly, it’s full coverage which is a must for me. I have some redness around my cheeks and the occasional spot (especially during a certain time of the month!), so I like my foundation to make me look flawless even when I’m not feeling my best! The problem I’ve found in the past with full coverage foundations is that they leave me feeling cakey and uncomfortable as the day goes on. This is why I almost gave up looking for one. But the NARS foundation leaves such a beautiful satin finish that doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Secondly, it really does last all day. I do sometimes have to put a little bit of powder on my T-Zone after a few hours as I am often prone to getting shiny, but apart from that, I don’t feel the need to re-apply. This is what I was most surprised about because I previously had to top up my YSL foundation throughout the day.

I bought mine from the lovely guys at NARS in Harrods who colour matched me, but you can also grab it here and all of the places below if you’re sure of your colour.

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