My Hair Routine to Create Big Curls

The last time I filmed a hair routine video was back in October last year, and since then I’ve made a few changes. 

I’m having a break from my beloved extensions from Inanch (nothing to do with the extensions, I adored them, but my hair finally decided to grow…fast!) and I’ve acquired some new hair tools and products, so I figured it was time for an updated video!

The Jose Eber Infrared blow dryer came to live with me a few months ago and I genuinely don’t know how I lived without it before! It dries my hair so much faster than the one I was using previously, as well as using infrared and little heat therefore causing minimal to no damage. 

As usual, I’m still loving my Redken argan oil which has been a firm favourite in my beauty drawer for years now. I’ve also discovered the Richard Ward anti-aging argan elixir recently and it’s perfect for smoothing and de-frizzing. I’ve found it’s perfect for use on my annoying baby hairs that sometimes stick up (I can’t be the only person who has this problem!).

Of course, after almost 7 years, I am still beyond in love with my Jose Eber curling wands which create the most perfect curls that last for days and days. I can brush them out and they remain thick and bouncy without dropping. Here, I’m using the 25mm size. 

Remember you can get 40% off EVERYTHING at Jose Eber using code “SHEGOESWEAR”! It expires at midnight Wednesday 27th May so get shopping before it’s too late!!

I have a confession. Until recently, I’d been using the same hairbrush for the past few years. The handle had broken off because I once urgently needed it to fit into my clutch bag and there was zero other option other than to snap it off!!! Despite this, I still continued using it for months after. Last week I admitted to myself it was time for my brush to go, and my brand new and rather stunning (I never thought I would call hair brushes stunning but you have to agree) Tangle Angel hair brushes took their place.

I have the Xtreme detangling brush in black, the tangle cherub in pink and the cutest little keyring brush for quick fixes! Not only do they look so so pretty, they have amazing benefits. They have anti-bacterial and heat resistant bristles, but my favourite benefit is that they have anti-static properties to prevent fly away hair, which for some reason used to be such a problem for me!

You can view and shop the entire Tangle Angel range by clicking here

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