Protect your Face!

I’ve realised over time just how important it is to protect my face from the sun. I hear countless horror stories about the dangers of skin damage and as I’m getting older I’ve become more and more cautious about skin ageing too.

For these reasons and many more, a good facial SPF has become one of the most important beauty products in my holiday toiletry bag. 

Before heading on holiday, I did some thorough research online and discovered that the Soap & Glory Sunshield was one of the most recommended products for sun protection on multiple websites. 

It’s a tiny pot so I carried it around in my beach bag everyday, applying it both in the morning and afternoon. A little goes a long way so don’t be deceived by how small it is! 

A lot of people have misconceptions about SPF. I’ve heard people say before that you can’t get a tan with SPF as high as 50, but this could not be further from the truth! I wore this every single day and have a dark, even tan on my face with no sign of burn or damage. This means my tan will last longer as I didn’t burn my skin.

I also rubbed it into the back of my hands each day, because I’ve recently learnt that it’s your face and hands that show signs of ageing the most over time. 

If you have a holiday coming up, make sure you pick up a bottle to get a gorgeous tan without the guilt of being in the sun. It’s conveniently available in Boots stores or online here

I’m already missing the sun! Do you have any holidays lined up? Where are you off to?