Richard Ward Salon

Every girl loves being pampered. I don’t care what you say, anyone who denies this fact is clearly lying! Personally, my idea of being ultimately pampered is having my hair done. This is why I was so excited when I was very kindly invited down to the Richard Ward salon for a blow dry one evening. 

I always feel a million times better when my hair is looking pretty and I’m a firm believer that a quick blow dry can completely lift your mood, as I discovered first hand when I visited the salon a couple of weeks ago.

After finishing work, I rushed out the door and ran to the tube station to catch the train. What typically would have taken me 20 minutes on the circle line, took me almost an hour as my train was delayed and moved at a snails pace. With no signal down on the underground, I was unable to inform anybody and I felt gutted as I knew I had missed my appointment. 

I ran like a crazy woman (think Phoebe from Friends) towards the salon, and thankfully they were still able to squeeze me in for a quick refresh and curl. Hurray! 

I sat down and was introduced to the lovely Matt who instantly made me feel welcome and relaxed. He began to curl my hair as he talked me through the new collection of Richard Ward products and gave me a quick background about the Salon itself. 

The salon is large and spacious with light flooding in through the windows. 

I sat back and began to unwind and forget about my horrendous journey. There is something so therapeutic about having my hair done. If I could have someone follow me around all day playing with my hair, I totally would! Don’t judge! 

Taking my hair in sections, Matt wrapped each section around the wand and let it fall after a few seconds, leaving thick, bouncy curls. 

Sitting in front of me were the entire collection of Richard Ward products. I have a couple in my draw at home that I can’t live without, but there were a few new faces that I was introduced to.

The Keratin collection helps to restore, rebuild and protect the hair. It contains natural protein that works at re-binding each strand, leaving it thick and healthy looking.  

I have the smoothing mist at home as well as the ‘sleek’ shampoo and conditioner and use them all religiously. Especially when I was in Mauritius, I sprayed the smoothing mist throughout the day and experienced zero damage despite the heat. 

The anti-aging argan collection is my favourite. As you know, I’m an argan addict. I have around 5 different bottles of argan oil in my draw at home and practically smother my hair in the stuff. 

I had never seen argan oil in shampoo and conditioner form before, so you could imagine my excitement! I have the shampoo, condition and elixir at home but I have my eye on the hairspray and treatment that I’m dying to try out. If you get some before I get my paws on it, let me know what they’re like!

The products are exclusively sold at Waitrose, both in store and online here

After curling the last section, Matt’s work was done. He had transformed my frizzy, tired looking hair into big, thick, bouncy curls. Before I left, Matt sprayed my hair with some argan hairspray and I was good to go. 

I initially entered the salon feeling stressed and this feeling was reflected on my appearance and hair. I left the salon feeling the complete opposite, glamorous and smiling from ear to ear!

If you fancy a pamper yourself, all contact details are on the website. The salon is conveniently situated in the heart of Sloane Square, just around the corner from some fabulous bars and restaurants to slip into upon leaving, to show off your fabulous new do!