Straight & Sleek Blowdry Tutorial

In this video I show you how to blow dry your hair straight and create a sleek, shiny look without the need for hair straighteners. I am using the new Jose Eber blow dryer (US link here) which has an innovative infrared light which infuses a gentle
heat deep inside the hair cuticle, not on the surface of the hair shaft, decreasing drying time
by 50%. 

Not only does it decrease drying time, but it eliminates the risk of hot spots, burns,
and damage with its even heat distribution. Incorporating antimicrobial properties via Ultra
Violet technology, the Infrared Blow Dryer helps to cleanse the hair as it dries, removing any
bacteria or buildup leading to greater shine, smoother hair, and easier styling. Basically, this is the future of blow dryers!

It has 4
variable speed and heat settings, including a cold button for static control.

Previously when I styled my hair straight, I always had to straighten my hair afterwards in order to create the smooth, frizz-free look, but since using the Infrared dryer I haven’t needed my straightens at all! 

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