Tangle Angel

I wanted to share with you two of the latest
members that have joined my vast collection of hair styling products.

I’ve spoken about my love for Richard
Ward products in the past (here and here), and I have a built up quite an impressive
collection of brushes from their Tangle Angel range. Last week, I was very
kindly introduced to their electric blue metallic brushes, which I have not
stopped using since they arrived.

One is their standard ‘tangle angel’
size, and the smaller version is from their ‘tangle cherub’ range. I instantly
popped the smaller version in my bag, as it’s perfect for carrying around
during the day for quick touch ups. It will also be coming along with me in my
clutch bag in the evenings, as I can’t go anywhere without a hair brush! My
friends always take the mick out of me because I’m never without a hair brush,
and it’s usually poking out of my clutch bag, but not anymore! This size is
inconspicuous enough to sit nicely in my clutch bag, for me to whip out
discreetly and smooth any stray hairs.

Not only are they extremely pretty to
look at (you can easily stand them on a dressing table to show them off), they
have a range of benefits too. Anti-static, anti-bacterial and heat resistant, they
protect your hair from damage and breakage.

You can view their entire range of
brushes on their website here. They even have a range for your pampered pooches called Pet Angel and I have my eye on the pearly pink brush for my little Coco!