The Secret to Long, Thick Eyelashes

This is genuinely the most excited I have been over a beauty product in a very long time! 

Finally, I have found a product that makes my eye lashes long and thick within seconds. No glue, no stick on lashes, just a sweep of a brush and I’m ready to go! 

Let me introduce you to Younique Fiber Mascara. The pack comes with two products: a gel and the fibers. After applying a coat of my normal mascara, I sweep a layer of the gel onto my lashes, immediately followed by the fibers that stick to the gel. I can repeat this process as many times as I want and build it up until I achieve my desired look. 

It really is as simple as that! Watch my tutorial above for more details and to see me applying the product myself. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel too!

You can purchase your own Younique fiber mascara pack here