Give the Gift Of Pandora This Christmas

Ringing In The Holiday Season With Pandora - She Goes Wear

A couple of weeks ago officially marked the beginning of the Christmas festivities for me, thanks to Pandora! Some may say early November is a bit too early, but I disagree. The earlier the better in my opinion!

I was very kindly invited to a gingerbread making workshop with Pandora to celebrate the launch of their Christmas gift collection. As soon as I walked into the private dining room at The Ivy, the smell of gingerbread spices hit my nose and I could hear Christmas music playing in the background. I could not have been happier!

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday ever since I was a little girl, and I absolutely adore everything that comes with it. The tasty treats, mulled wine, decorating the tree, and buying thoughtful gifts for my family and friends. I was excited to hear all about Pandora’s new collection and grab some gift ideas for the lovely ladies in my life!

We took to our seats and began building our gingerbread houses, something I’ve always wanted to do leading up to Christmas!

As we all concentrated on decorating our gingerbread houses, delicious bite sized treats were handed around and our wine glasses were kept topped up with fizz.

And here it is…the final piece! Almost too good to eat. I say almost, because it spent two days on show in my kitchen at home before Lloyd and I made the decision to eat it. Which we did, in a matter of days! So yummy.

During the workshop, we had the chance to take a look at some of the beautiful pieces Pandora are launching this Christmas. I have always looked at jewellery as being such a thoughtful gift not just for Christmas, but for any occasion and even “just because”.

The process of choosing something out of an entire collection specifically for that one person in mind, and thinking yep, that’s the one. Watching the lucky person’s face change from wonderment to pure happiness as they open their gift, and knowing that person will think of you every time they wear it.

I have always looked at Pandora’s jewellery as being timeless, classic and subtly glamorous, all in one! Their pieces last a lifetime and will always be in style. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite Christmas gift pieces below, and a link to their gift sets which would make for a wonderful surprise for someone special on Christmas day.

My Favourite Pandora Christmas Gifts

Click here for the Gift Set collection