Brixton Beach Boulevard

I’m constantly keeping a look out for new and exciting places to venture to after work. My friend Jen is the queen of pop ups in London and is always the first to know about a new and exciting place to go. Whether it’s a new exhibition, a restaurant or cocktail bar, if I’m ever in doubt, Jen is the first person I ask! 

A couple of weeks ago, Jen asked if I wanted to check out the new Brixton Beach Boulevard, a pop up in Brixton (obvs) with food stalls, cocktails, a fake beach and DJ. What more could you want? 

 A couple of Fridays ago I met Jen after work at a little bar around the corner from Brixton station, where we enjoyed a quick bottle of champs (to toast our birthdays and new houses!), before heading inside.

The rooftop beach (only in London would those two words be used together!) was lined with different food and cocktail stalls, so we did what ultimate foodies do, and that is start at the beginning and work our way through them all!

First up, skinny fries topped with the most perfectly cooked steak and drizzled in béarnaise sauce. Incredible.

Jen wore: chloe shirt | I wore: Zara top | ASOS skirt | Zara rucksack 

We shuffled down to the next food stall, which had caught my eye from the moment I entered, and that’s Mac to the Future! Serving all different types of Mac n Cheese. The dream. 

I opted for a huge bowl of the classic stuff, no fuss. Just creamy, cheesy pasta with a spoonful of breadcrumbs on top. Amazing!

We watched as the chef stirred in the cheese, which was strangely satisfying!…

The finished product…

I have to be honest, it wasn’t the best Mac n Cheese I’ve ever had in my life, but it was still yummy. 

Food down, it was time to sample the drinks, so we made our way over to a little bar serving up frozen cocktails. I had one of my ultimate Summer favourites, a frozen daiquiri, and Jen had the pineapple version.

We sampled the rest of the cocktail menu one by one as we listened to the DJ playing funky 80’s music! 

A Friday evening very well spent. I highly recommend for after work food and drinks, especially when the weather is warm. Head over to their website (click here), to check out their upcoming events and to buy tickets! Have fun!