A Night In The Museum


This was probably the most exciting invitation to drop into my inbox this London Fashion Week. As I opened the email, the words red carpet and fashion show immediately stood out and I was already planning my outfit in my head!!

The event was called The China Ball, which marked the first event and fashion show of its kind in London, celebrating Chinese design talent.

The most exciting part of all, was the fact that it was held at The Natural History Museum, also known as one of my favourite places in the entire world! I can remember visiting with my Mum when I was tiny, being in total awe of everything around me. If someone had told me years ago that I’d be going back to the Museum, but for a private red carpet event during London Fashion Week, I would never had believed them!

Wearing: Self Portrait LBD (sold out but I’ve linked some similar options below) | Embellished bag | Heels | Choker


My beautiful friend Jen was my plus one for the evening, and we met beforehand for a quick cocktail and catch up at the stunning Restaurant Ours. I’ve vowed to return and spend an entire evening there, as an hour wasn’t enough to fully appreciate the pure beauty of the venue.

The entrance boasts a bright white tunnel of lights (where these photos were taken and quite possibly the best lighting in all the land), leading you into the dimly lit restaurant. Huge trees were dotted around the room, showing off the high ceilings. In the middle stood the bar, wrapped around a tree lit up in fairy lights.


We propped ourselves up at the bar and ordered two Dolce Gabbana cocktails, which looked almost too pretty to drink.

After an hour we said our goodbyes to Restaurant Ours and made our way to the Museum. In the distance as we were approaching, we noticed the stunning historic building, which takes my breath away every time, was lit up in red and black lights reflecting the colours on the China Ball invitation.

she-goes-wear-workwear-china-ball-1-of-11 she-goes-wear-workwear-china-ball-7-of-11 she-goes-wear-workwear-china-ball-8-of-11 she-goes-wear-workwear-china-ball-9-of-11

Inside, the main entrance hall was curtained off and we were ushered around the corner to the side room, where we mingled with the other guests and sipped champagne. At 9pm, the big wooden doors to the main entrance were opened, revealing the dinosaur in the middle of the hall lit up in a dark red light. It has a spooky, eerie feel about it, which I loved! I genuinely felt like I was in the film a night in the museum. We took to our seats and waited for the catwalk to begin.

Starting from the very top, the models made their way down the winding staircase and along the catwalk, under the dinosaurs tail.


After the catwalk, the DJ started and we made our way to the front of the entrance hall with a spectacular view of the dinosaur towering above us.

I found myself looking around in complete awe, and felt like I was a little girl again, except this time in high heels and holding a glass of champagne!


Thank you China Ball for a fabulous evening. I vlogged my entire London Fashion Week including the China Ball and the video is live on my YouTube channel, so check it out below and make sure you subscribe as I have lots of videos lined up!