Cooking in the Breaking Bad Bar!

Breaking Bad fans will love this. But firstly, if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, please leave immediately with your head hung in shame…where have you been?! 

As you’ll know, the RV is the focal point of the show, and you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to put on some yellow overalls, get inside and pretend I was helping Walter White! But instead of cooking up Meth, we were making cocktails. Even better.

We arrived at the RV in Shoreditch and were greeted by an extremely realistic Walter White lookalike and a couple of other guys working inside who were also in character. One of them yelled bitch at the end of every sentence and I genuinely began to think Jesse was in the room! Only Breaking Bad fans will understand!

We were given yellow boiler suits, gas masks and goggles, which we changed into and made our way inside the vehicle! 

Each detail was extremely thought out, with chemicals and bottles scattered around, ready for Jesse and Walter to get cooking! 

We were told to split into teams of two and take a seat around the tables. Shortly after, the ingredients for our cocktails were brought over to us along with the recipe and the instruments needed to create them.

I won’t give away too much about the process behind creating the cocktails as it’ll ruin the fun if you want to attend yourself!

They’re all classic cocktails that you know and love, but whipped up using instruments you’d usually find in a science class!

The finished result was a delicious tasting gin based cocktail which we enjoyed before starting on the next one. 

The second cocktail was vodka based, created using dry ice which caused a bubbling and misty effect! It felt like we were back in a science class in school!


This cocktail was my least favourite tasting, as I’m not a huge lover of whiskey! However, the whiskey lovers in my group definitely enjoyed it. 

Easy peasy! 

Now for the fourth and final cocktail of the night, and my favourite of them all! 

**SPOILER ALERT** if you’re looking to attend and want this one to be a surprise, skip this part and scroll to the bottom!

We were handed a simple slate containing two slices of lemon and two pills…

We were then handed a drink each, which we were told to take a sip of. As we all took a sip of our drinks, it was like we were drinking pure lemon juice and all of our faces screwed up! It was disgusting!

The host then told us to pop one of the pills into our mouths and wait until it’s completely dissolved. 

A few minutes and a very dry mouth later, the pill was dissolved. He then told us to take a bite of the lemon, and enjoy the cocktail. 

With confused faces, we did what we were told and couldn’t believe the difference in the drink. The taste was transformed from bitter to delicious and it ended up being my favourite!

After finishing our final drink and as our session inside the RV came to an end, we ventured back out into the early evening light feeling extremely tipsy (they’re not shy with the alcohol!)

We began to make our way into Shoreditch, but not before a pleasant goodbye from our fabulous hosts…

The official name of the RV bar is called ABQ London, and it’s officially back by popular demand in London throughout August. Make sure you book quickly though, as word has spread around London pretty fast since it’s previous visit, so I won’t be surprised if they only have a limited number of spaces left!

Reservations can be made via their website here

Enjoy, bitch!