Brunch at Hotel Chantelle


I left you in my last post on our second day of London Fashion Week, just as our bellies were rumbling after a long morning attending presentations and walking around Soho. It was time for lunch and we were ready for a feast.

As we wandered towards Oxford Street, Jen remembered reading about a new opening in the area offering an American style brunch.

As you already know, I’m a huge fan of brunch as it usually involves huge portions and lots of food. This was just what we needed!

What I wore:

Fur trip top | mini skirt | Valentino heels | Studded clutch

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After walking up and down the road, we finally found the entrance down one of the streets off of Oxford Street and around a corner (thanks google maps!)

We walked up the stairs to the top floor and were greeted and shown to our table.



It was a beautiful, bright day so we were lucky to snap up the last table on the outside terrace.

The menu looked beyond delicious, and I found it hard choosing as I loved the sound of everything.


We drank rum cocktails in funky skull glasses whilst we made our choices.



Jen was mortified to hear I’d never tried an oyster before, so we ordered two! I wasn’t particularly excited to be honest, the idea of eating one has never appealed to me but I do find the fact I’ve got to 25 years old without knowing what they taste like pretty embarrassing!

They arrived with tabasco sauce and another sauce I wasn’t sure what it was (anyone know?!), and I watched as Jen downed one first before it was my go!


I drizzled tabasco sauce on mine and took the plunge.

I can honestly say it was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. I can’t even remember what it tasted like, all I can remember is that is was gritty, salty and I had shell in my mouth afterwards which made me almost run to the toilet to be sick.


The only thing that was going to make me feel better at that precise moment were brunch pops, so thankfully they magically appeared on our table!


Pancake crusted sausage lollipops. Served with a cinnamon dip. I could have eaten a hundred of them! I loved the mix of sweet and savoury.

I ordered the trio of mini burgers for main. They looked delicious, but they didn’t taste anything special. I love my burgers cooked slightly pink in the middle, and these arrived well done, quite dry and lacking in flavour.



Jen ordered the truffle grilled cheese sandwich. After a couple of bites she found a thick black hair inside, which she moved to the side of the plate. We both agreed that normally we wouldn’t say anything (I never complain), but as it was clearly a human hair due to the follicle, and Jen was completely put off her food, we were honest and told the waiter when he asked how our food was.

He apologised and quickly took it away but came back shortly after to tell us it was a synthetic hair. We told him it shouldn’t have been there regardless, and he asked if Jen wanted anything else instead which she politely declined.



Our truffle tater tots arrived much to our excitement as these were what we were looking forward to the most! I absolutely hate to sound like I’m full of negative comments today but they genuinely had no taste to them whatsoever. Just hollow, crispy, fried potato. Such a shame!


A different waiter came over and asked how our meal was. We told him about the situation with the hair and his attitude was far different than the previous waiter. He was extremely apologetic and immediately told us he would take it off the bill which was very kind of him.

We both decided to pay the bill and move onto somewhere else for after brunch cocktails.

I would never assume that because of one bad experience with food that this is always the case, and I’m sure this is just a one off. They’re also very new so may be having teething problems, as is the case with many new openings.

I would love to know if anyone else has been and had a different and more positive experience, as I would be more tempted to return if so. Pleases let me know in the comments. I mean, with a menu like that, it definitely deserves a second chance!

Visit their website here for more details and to book. They also have a restaurant in New York, in case you’re visiting soon and looking for somewhere to brunch!