Christmas Gift Ideas for The Homebody

The definition of a homebody is exactly how I would describe myself recently! “A person who likes to stay at home”. After years of being almost the complete opposite to this, over the past year I’ve come to realise I love nothing more than being cosy at home, surrounded by Lloyd and the dogs. I’m 28 going on 70 and I love it! Snuggling up under a blanket with some chocolate and the smell of a gorgeous candle burning. Bliss! 

If you have someone in your family who is just like me, I’ve rounded up some Christmas gifts I know they will love!

  1. DIPTYQUE candle set. The dreamiest of candles that will fill an entire room with scent!
  2. Life in pictures. A coffee table photo album that you’ll find yourself looking through over the years. So much better than having photos just stored on an iPhone!
  3. Classic portable turntable. I’ve always wanted one of these! 
  4. House of Hoppen coffee table book. I have this in my living room as I used it for inspiration when designing the decor. I often refer to it for new ideas!
  5. Gold and marble cookbook stand. So chic to have sitting in any kitchen!
  6. Chocolate and gin gift set. Can you think of a better combo for a cosy night indoors? I can’t!
  7. Large Winter Candle. This scent is the perfect festive scent for Winter. I have it burning in my kitchen every evening. 
  8. Velvet lavendar scented eye mask. A beautiful gift for any lady in your life. Great for travelling too!
  9. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Addicted to this scent which I spray on our pillows every evening. It instantly makes me sleepy!
  10. Marble and Wood serving board. Perfect as a cheeseboard too!
  11. UGG ultra-soft throw. The ultimate in cosiness! Comes in lots of different colours too to match any interior. 
  12. Gourmet chocolate fountain. Everyone needs this in their life!