Decorating Your Home For Autumn

She Goes Wear Topshop Orange Jumper autumn decoration home decor fall winter

Autumn is my favourite season. There are many reasons why, but above all it’s because of how excited it makes me feel! Christmas is just around the corner, and I am the biggest Christmas geek. I’ve even started buying decorations and stocking fillers. It’s never too early in my opinion!

I just love everything that is associated with Autumn, as cheesy as some of them may be. The cosiness, dark mornings and nights, getting comfy on the sofa in your PJ’s under the thickest blanket, drinking hot chocolate, the lead up to Christmas, buying big furry coats and stocking up on boots. Everything!

This is the first year, however, that I’ve fully embraced Autumn decor at home. As last year was our first year in our house I wasn’t prepared and the season seemed to fly by, but this year I’ve made sure I’m organised! The shops start to stock lots of pretty little Autumn accessories as early as August, meaning you can start picking up bits and pieces throughout the weeks leading up to Autumn. That’s exactly what I did.

She Goes Wear Topshop Orange Jumper autumn decoration home decor fall winter

I popped into Laura Ashley a couple of months ago and was drawn like a magnet to the stand full of all bits orange, yellow, cranberry and gold. I picked up two Autumnal wreaths which are actually made of real dried fruit, and smell divine. One of them is hanging on my front door, and I’ve placed the other one on the fan above the cooker, along with a matching candle.

Running up the banister of my stairs, I’ve wrapped the cutest little battery operated acorn fairy lights, which I turn on as soon as it starts getting dark to transform my hallway into a little winter wonderland. I used two sets for the length of the stairs.

To give a subtle scent when you walk into the room, I’ve filled small serving platters with burnt amber and orange pot pourri to not only look pretty but smell delicious when you walk into the room.

I also picked up this large pumpkin serving bowl. Perfect for handing out sweets to the trick or treaters on halloween night, but in the meantime I put it on my kitchen worktop as a decorative piece. I’m having a few friends around for dinner next Saturday so I plan to use it then as well.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pretty Autumnal pieces below to fill your home with warmth and make it all cosy!