Dinner at The Wolseley



I’ve had this date in my diary since the beginning of the year. Not only was it down as the evening before the start of London Fashion Week, but most importantly, as dinner and catch up with my friend who lives in Colombia but back in London for a few days!

Tram moved to Colombia three years ago now (I blogged about her leaving here), and after sitting next to her at work Monday-Friday for four years, I now only get to see her once a year.

This is why I was so excited when Tram emailed me earlier in the year and told me she would be visiting London in September. We both knew exactly where we would be heading for dinner without discussion. The Wolseley! It’s our favourite.

We met after I finished work and headed straight to the restaurant.

Wearing: Black and White midi dress | Black heels

she-goes-wear-wolseley1-2-of-8 she-goes-wear-wolseley1-1-of-8

I love the Wolseley for many reasons, one of them being the gorgeous art deco interior design.

The restaurant has a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere which is hard to find in many luxury London restaurants. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, which is one of the reasons we love coming back each time!

But above all, the food is the best feature about The Wolseley. It’s never let us down! For starter, we shared the quails eggs with hollandaise sauce. I wish I had captured a photo of the inside of the egg, but it was too delicious to wait! Each egg was perfectly cooked, oozing with yolk as you cut into them. We kind of wished we’d ordered one each, some things are too delicious to share!


Alongside the main menu, they have a daily special for each day of the week. On this particular day, the special dish was shepherd’s pie. I knew I had to have it!

Shepherd’s pie is one of my favourites. I knew it wouldn’t compare to my Mum’s version, which doesn’t look quite as presentable as the Wolseley’s version (I never knew Shepherd’s pie could ever look so presentable)! It takes extremely close second place though!

Bursting with rich flavour, the small portion is surprisingly just the right amount. You don’t even need any additional sides!


Tram had the squid, which she tells me was equally as good.

she-goes-wear-wolseley1-4-of-8 she-goes-wear-wolseley1-5-of-8

For dessert, we shared strawberries and cream which arrived looking pretty in a bowl, crammed with strawberries, ice cream, fresh cream, jelly and chunks of meringue. Yum!

she-goes-wear-wolseley1-6-of-8 she-goes-wear-wolseley1-7-of-8

We spent the rest of our evening catching up on everything that has happened since the last time we saw each other.

Good friends are those you can see after years apart, and simply pick right up from where you left off, as though you’ve never been apart! This happens each time I see Tram, and she always leaves me feeling inspired by her success and ambitions.

Tram is a hugely talented travel photographer, and I could listen to her stories from across the globe for hours! Check out her Instagram here and prepare to get major wanderlust.


After hours of chatting, we eventually had to pull ourselves away from the table and head home, as it was approaching midnight and we had a long day ahead the following day. The first day of London Fashion Week! Although I wasn’t attending any shows due to work commitments, I was meeting Tram late afternoon to take some snaps around Soho. I will update you more on that in my next post.

Until then, I’m going to get back to looking up flights to Colombia! I promised Tram when she left London that I would visit her, and it dawned on me that three years have passed and I still haven’t booked my flights. 2O17 is exciting me already!

*all photos taken on my Olympus PEN and 17mm lens*