Dinner at The Wolseley

It was two years ago in August that my lovely friend Tram moved from London to embark on new adventures in Colombia. We first met 5 years ago when I started my new job and on my first day was seated next to Tram. She quickly became a close friend to me, and I was devastated when 3 years later she announced her impending move to Colombia. Although I was excited for her future, a selfish part of me wanted her to stay right here in London, forever!

We keep in touch regularly but I constantly miss our daily face to face chats about our mutual love of fashion, dogs (we are both what you call ‘crazy dog ladies’), blogging and everything in between. Tram is my go to person when I need styling advice due to her bluntness when it comes to telling the truth! I think this has something to do with all the years she spent living in New York. If you want an honest opinion, she is the person to ask, even if it’s not the answer you want to hear! I’ll always remember returning from Topshop once lunchtime and asking Tram’s opinion on a dress I bought that I was unsure of. “I hate it! I’m sorry, but I do!” I think it’s safe to say the dress was returned before the end of the day!  Although I still ask her opinion since her move, it’s not the same through Whatsapp! 

So, when Tram emailed me a few months ago and said she was visiting London for a couple of days, I quickly booked her in for dinner and a catch up. Tram and I have extremely similar taste, so I left it up to her to choose the venue, and she emailed back saying she had booked The Wolseley. 

Tram was staying at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, so as soon as I finished work I headed straight to the hotel to get ready. 

Once we were ready, we took a walk around the hotel and stumbled upon the most gorgeous room where we decided to hold a little impromptu photoshoot. 

Through the launch of Tram’s blog, the less is more, she quickly discovered her love of photography and I am constantly in awe of her work. When she told me she wanted to take some photos of me to feature on her blog, I was more than happy to do a little posing, especially when it’s in such beautiful surroundings. 

After we were finished snapping and posing, we made our way to The Wolseley. The restaurant is the perfect place for a catch up, with a busy atmosphere yet quiet enough for a proper chit chat.

We were seated in a corner table, before becoming typical bloggers and taking some photos for Instagram before studying the menu. This is what I love about being around a fellow blogger, there is no judgement when you struggle to get the perfect birds-eye table shot! We got there in the end though…

We decided to share a starter, and opted for the Croustade of Quail Eggs covered in Hollandaise sauce. They were cooked to perfection and oozed when cut. 

Quail eggs are my ultimate favourite, and they reminded us both of a restaurant in London we used to visit on our lunch breaks and we would eat them on their own, dipped in pepper! 

For mains, we both ordered the fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, with french fries and creamed spinach on the side.

I’m going to make a bold statement right now. That was the most delicious steak I have ever eaten! I like my steak rare, and it arrived perfectly cooked. 

The crunch of the peppercorn sauce complimented the tenderness of the steak. It was one of those meals that whilst eating, you’re thinking of who you can take next time to show them just how amazing it is! 

Fellow steak lovers, get ready for some serious steak porn…

Surprisingly, we still had room for a little something extra before we left, so ordered an ice cream sundae to share.


What I think is special about my friendship with Tram is that no matter how long we go without seeing eachother, each time we meet up we pick up right where we left off. 

It’s rare to find true friends in life. Those friends you just know will be in your life for the long haul. So I count myself extremely lucky to call Tram one of those friends. 

After dinner we continued to catch up before calling it a night and heading our separate ways. Although I was sad to say goodbye, I know it won’t be long until we’re back together again, catching up on everything we’ve missed. Whether that will be in London again, or possibly Colombia! I’ve said countless times I will visit Tram in Colombia, so maybe one day that will become reality. Watch this space!

If you don’t already, follow Tram’s adventures through her photography on Instagram here and check out her blog. Prepare to experience serious wanderlust!