Furbo Dog Camera | The 2019 must have for dog lovers

Furbo Dog Camera | The 2019 must have for dog lovers
this blog post is supported by Furbo

If you know me well, you’ll understand when I say just how excited I’ve been about this collaboration! If you’re new to my blog, I have three rescue dogs. Bailey and Bella arrived from Cyprus in the Summer of 2017 and Betsy arrived from Romania in October 2018. 

Prior to going full time with my blog, I worked in London as an Underwriter which meant on the days Lloyd wasn’t working from home, I had to leave the dogs at home. Thankfully we have an amazing dog walker who took the girls out during the day, and either my Mum or neighbour would then look after them until we got home. I don’t have any children, but I swear having three dogs certainly prepares you for it! 

I’m fortunate enough to work from home now, but there are obviously still days when I need to pop out for a few hours up to London or locally. Even though it’s not as often as before, I still feel unbelievably guilty leaving the house and their little sad faces behind. I end up worrying about them right up until I put the key back in the door a few hours later. I’m sure I’m not alone in this? 

This explains my excitement when Furbo got in touch and asked if I wanted to collaborate. I’d seen their product on a few of my favourite blogs, and I’d actually been thinking of buying one myself so obviously I jumped at the opportunity!

Furbo have created an incredible dog camera with a number of seriously impressive features which I’ll list below.

Setting up took less than 5 minutes, I just had to place the Furbo on a flat surface and plug it in. Once I downloaded the Furbo app on my phone it was connected to my bluetooth within seconds and I was good to go. 


Firstly, the camera is full 1080p HD with a 160° wide-angle lens. Where I positioned it on the side of our TV stand, I originally thought it wouldn’t pick up Betsy sitting on the far left of the sofa, but it did! So impressed. 


The built in microphone allows you to hear through the app even the smallest noise that gets picked up. 

Bark Alert

This is one of my favourite features. My biggest worry is the thought of them barking like mad when I leave the house. Furbo’s technology detects barking and sends an alert to your phone letting you know, so you can calm them down via the microphone. How cool is that? 

Light indicators

Dogs can only see two colours, blue and yellow. When the app is opened, the light indicators change from yellow to blue to attract their attention. Knowing my doggies, they won’t even pick up on this feature but I’m sure some dogs will! 

Adhesive feet

One of my initial worries is if the dogs try to knock the Furbo over, so I was happy when I realised it has adhesive feet at the bottom to provide extra security if Bella decides to nudge it with her nose! 

And the best feature of all…

Treat throwing time! 

The girls waited patiently to see what all the fuss is about…

From the live view on the app, you can swipe your finger and toss a treat! Betsy was a little scared of this feature at the start but soon got used to it. Bailey and Bella on the other hand were ready and waiting to mop up the treats as soon as they landed on the floor…

As you know, I only feature products I truly truly love on my blog, and the Furbo is definitely one of them! I could not fault it. 

If you want your very own Furbo, you can pick one up by clicking here. They’re currently on sale for £129 instead of £249, so now is a good time to snap one up! It’d make a great gift for a dog lover too. 

Now, I’m off to make some plans just so I can see what the girls get up to when I’m not there. I don’t know why I’m imagining it’ll be like the film The Secret Life of Pets, when in reality I know I’ll just be watching them with their legs in the air, tongues out having the best nap of their lives because I’m not there to annoy them! I’ll let you know…!