Gratitude Journals

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Following on from my previous blog post about conquering imposter syndrome (check it out here), I wanted to share with you my favourite gratitude journals. As I mentioned in my post, I have my own journal that I’ve started writing in each morning. 

I often wake up and instantly want to jump straight into work mode, with a million different things running through my mind. That’s when I begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed, which leads to feelings of doubt. I’ve now allowed my gratitude journal to become part of my routine, making sure I give myself at least 10 minutes of “me time”, whilst drinking my coffee, to think and write. 

Writing down what and who I’m grateful for, and focusing on the positive things in my life has really helped me to look at the bigger picture. I’ve noticed a difference in my outlook on my day ahead, and I find myself letting go of unnecessary worries that have held me back in the past. 

As Matthew McConaughey said in his Oscar’s speech, “it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates”. Those who take a moment to be thankful for the good things in life will see a shift in how they live their lives. It causes a complete shift in mindset and opens you up to feelings of happiness and positivity which in turn will attract more of this good energy as your day progresses. 

I’ve included some pretty gratitude journals below, for those of you who would like to practice gratitude going forward. 

Gratitude Journals