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she goes wear home decor grey bedroom design ideas inspiration new build homeI haven’t posted an update on our big move since my last post announcing we’re moving (see the post here), but seeing as things seem to be moving along quite quickly recently, I wanted to give you a little update!

So, the countdown is now almost down to 3 months! Ahhhhh! We’re still hoping for a February move date, so we’re keeping all our fingers crossed that there’ll be no disruptions or setbacks.

It’s dawned on us that we should probably start deciding on which furniture to buy, or at least have the most important pieces decided such as our bed and sofas, in case there’s a long wait time. Décor wise, Lloyd has completely left it in my hands. Yippee! Although, I am the most indecisive person on the planet therefore I’m still constantly asking him for his opinion.

For our bedroom, we’ve decided on a grey/neutral theme. We’re going to have the walls painted a very very light grey/white, cream carpet (which will run through the entire top floor of the house), a grey bed and light grey wardrobes. We’ve also chosen grey stone tiles for our en-suite, so the theme will continue into the bathroom too.

I’ve put together a moodboard of ideas and inspiration for our bedroom, and wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces, in case you’re looking for some inspiration yourself…