Introducing Bailey & Bella | My Little Butternutters!

She Goes Wear Butternut Box dog food bailey and bella

She Goes Wear Butternut Box dog food bailey and bella

She Goes Wear Butternut Box dog food bailey and bella

As well as my boyfriend Lloyd, my family and a big bar of Galaxy chocolate, I have three more major loves of my life…my dogs! I cannot believe I haven’t formally introduced them on my blog yet and I feel quite bad about that to be honest, seeing as they’re such a major part of my life!

Since the launch of my new blog, I’m aiming to include more lifestyle content going forward, so I thought what better way to start than a blog post dedicated to my cheeky pair, Bailey and Bella! I actually have a third dog too, my little Romanian rescue called Betsy who arrived 4 weeks ago. She’s been a bit poorly since she arrived but we are slowly getting her better and once she’s fully recovered I will be introducing her to the blog, too!

Back to Bailey and Bella…I adopted them last Summer from Cyprus. They are Kokoni cross breeds (Kokoni is a greek domestic dog), and they are just the most affectionate, loving, funniest pair in the world. They make me laugh so much! When they arrived from Cyprus they were malnourished after living on the streets and their fur was the complete opposite to what it is like now – it was so dry it almost felt like straw. Our focus therefore was to build them up nice and strong and help their coats improve.

I was so fixated on wanting to give them the best food possible, most days I would end up boiling chicken breast and rice to mix in with their dog food. After around 8 months of doing this, they both became so incredibly fussy with food, to the point where I had to politely remind them they had come from the streets so they should be grateful, haha. They would barely touch their breakfast and genuinely turned their noses up at dinner time.

It was one Monday when unpacking our Hello Fresh parcel, that I noticed a leaflet in there for Butternut Box. I instantly looked it up online and I’m going to be honest, the first thing that drew me in was the fact it’s rated 5 out of 5 on the website, which rates the quality of dog food ingredients. You’ll be shocked how low the well known brands score! Anyway, I’d never seen a 5* rating before so I ordered a box to try and see if it’ll get the girls enjoying their food again.

Butternut Box make it really fun to order and each parcel is personalised to your dog. I filled out a questionnaire for each of them and my box was created with freshly cooked dog food, ready to go!

The box arrived and Bella knew it had something in there for her immediately…her tail started wagging and her nose scurried all about the box trying to sniff out the contents! As you can see from these photos, this was our 4th box to arrive now and Bella can’t wait to get inside each time!


She Goes Wear Butternut Box dog food bailey and bellaShe Goes Wear Butternut Box dog food bailey and bella

The contents include 4 different recipes – lamb, beef, chicken and turkey. You can decide which recipes you want in your box, incase your dogs aren’t a fan of certain ingredients. The food is gently cooked here in the UK, made from only the freshest ingredients. I served the girls up a bowl of the beef recipe each, and to my shock they gobbled all of it up! Bella even did what I like to call her “happy dance” where she spins around like a mad dog before I put her bowl down!

She Goes Wear Butternut Box dog food bailey and bella


And just like that, I’ve never looked back! What I liked about it is I can manage all my boxes on the website and even push them back a few weeks if need be. When I’m starting to run out of packets, I simply order another box and it’s here within a couple of days.

It’s extremely important for me to give my dogs the very best, because I believe it’s what they deserve. Especially after their less fortunate start in life, all I want is for them to live a long, happy and healthy life. This is why I’ve been so thankful to Butternut Box, and the reason I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them when they contacted me after spotting my lengthy insta story a few months ago thanking them for curing Bailey and Bella’s fussiness! As a blogger, I only work with brands I truly truly believe in and feel excited to share with my audience, and for me, collaborating with Butternut Box felt like the most natural partnership.

If you’d like to give Butternut Box a try for your pooch, I have a very generous offer which gives you 50% off your first box. No contracts or ties, just a half price box of goodness! Here is the link to grab 50% off –ย

Please let me know in the comments if your dog has tried Butternut Box before, or if you order a box please let me know how crazy your pooches go for it! I hope they love it as much as my three do ๐Ÿ™‚

this blog post is sponsored by Butternut Box