June Book Club

she goes wear book club june miracle morning

How has it already been a month since I started my book club?! Crazy!

So, if you completely missed my announcement last month (check out the blog post here), I’ll give you a little re-cap. I decided to start a book club where I recommend a new business/motivational style book each month. We can then discuss the book over on Twitter using the hashtag #SGWBookClub. I did originally say the discussion would take place on the 1st of every month, but I’m now thinking it would be better to just drop a tweet with the hashtag whenever you fancy and I’ll check it regularly.

May’s book was Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk, and I personally thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it left me feeling so inspired. I’ve always loved Gary’s blunt attitude when it comes to business, and although some people may perceive it as arrogance, I see it as passion. As a young boy he followed his dreams, worked his socks off and had the patience to wait for his success.

The only times I found it difficult reading Crushing It was when I felt so inspired, I wanted to throw the book down and get to work!! I would recommend having a pen handy to jot down some notes as you’re reading, or a highlighter to pick out certain parts you want to refer back to.

I loved reading all the different success stories from people of various ages and backgrounds. They all demonstrate how it doesn’t matter how old you are, or how late you start pursuing your dreams, the only thing holding you back is yourself. My particular favourite story was of a 39 year old man named Rich Roll who had a successful career as a lawyer, living in a fabulous home in Malibu…but he was miserable! He tells his story of how he risked everything (and had to sacrifice a lot on his way), to build Rich Roll Enterprises, and how he utilised social media platforms to help him get to where he wanted to be.

What was your favourite success story? What tips have you picked up that you’ll be using going forward?

June’s Book

she goes wear book club june miracle morning

This month, I’ve chosen the book Miracle Morning Millionaire by Hal Elrod and David Osborn. Miracle Morning is actually a series of books, and I fell in love with this one last Summer. I actually stumbled across the latest book in the Miracle Morning series by accident, when I was scrolling through the best seller list on Amazon. I immediately recognised the name and couldn’t wait to give it a read.

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know how important it’s been to me to become a morning person. I’ve come to realise that not one successful person wastes their morning, so I knew I needed to change this in order to better myself. What I’ve also realised (only recently if I’m entirely honest) that it’s completely mind over matter. You don’t need to “become” a morning person, you just get up out of bed earlier. It’s as easy as that!!

I’ve been really enjoying my early mornings before work recently and feel like I’m achieving far more than I did when I got up later, but I can’t wait to read this book and pick up some more habits I can include in my own morning routine. This book also gives you an insight into a number of successful people’s morning routines, which I’m very intrigued about!

Miracle Morning Millionaires is available on Amazon here. Please let me know if you’re joining in this month by dropping a Tweet using the hashtag #SGWBookClub. Happy reading!