Le Chalet

I am at my happiest when I’m browsing around Selfridges department store, especially at Christmas. Wandering from floor to floor making sure I don’t miss a thing. For this reason, you could imagine my excitement when I first heard about Selfridge’s rooftop restaurant that has been transformed into a ski chalet!

My friend Ailis and I jumped on the tube on Wednesday night and wizzed through the crowds to make it in time for our reservation.

There is only one way up to the rooftop, and that’s via a lift located in the beauty hall. We stepped out of the lift and into a winter wonderland. The pathway to the reservation desk was crowded with fairy lights which spanned above our heads and lanterns either side.  

As we were led up to the candle lit restaurant we were immediately hit by the warmth of the heaters, and the big cosy blankets draped over our seats made us feel like we were actually snuggled in a ski chalet. 

We began with a Cosmopolitan and wine whilst we browsed the menu and looked over Winter Wonderland from the window. 

We both decided on the rib with parsnip mash, with roasted roots to share. The rib was quite fatty and dry, but apart from that it was nice, especially with the roots which arrived in a honey sauce.

If we were hungrier, we would have ordered so much more, but we weren’t hungry enough to take full advantage of the menu. Looking back now, as I am writing and my belly is rumbling, I would do anything for some of the lobster mac n cheese that I noticed on the menu, followed by the apple streudel with lashings of custard. Yum! 

I’m glad we booked up so that I can tick it off of my list, and it provided the perfect fuel for an evening of shopping, but the service and food hasn’t made me want to return in a hurry. 

If you’re looking to visit Selfridges in the lead up to Christmas, I suggest you book up online here, to escape the crowds of fellow last minute shoppers and relax with a mulled wine to remind yourself why you love Christmas!