Make The Moment with American Express

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Working in London can be ridiculously tempting when it comes to two of my favourite things…shopping and food. Especially when you can’t ignore a sale sign or your belly grumbles like mine as you conveniently walk past a window displaying the most delicious cakes and pastries! 

I’m fortunate enough to work with a bunch of foodies too, which is good when it gets to midday and I’m looking for a buddy to check out the latest restaurant opening with, or to grab a coffee and cake when I need a mid-afternoon pick me up. But all of these little outings can add up over the course of the month, which is why I’ve started using my Amex Card for my everyday purchases. Mine allows me to earn Membership Rewards® Points as I spend, which I can then use to pay for everyday items on my bill.

How It Works

As an American Express Cardmember, what I find great about Membership Rewards is that they are completely flexible – I can use them to pay for almost anything on my statement, such as that coffee I bought on my way to the office, or my spontaneous lunch at the new restaurant across the road.

To give you an idea of just how easy it is, last month, my friends and I decided to grab a coffee and cake during our lunch break at an extremely ‘Instagrammable’ cafe in the West End. Although we cured our sugar craving and got a few cute photos for Instagram, it can be spontaneous outings like this that add up over the course of the month

But, this month when I received my Amex statement , I made the moment by simply using my Membership Rewards Points to pay for my coffee and cake, and I even had some left over to pay for the skirt I’m wearing in this blog post. What a touch! 

Is it sad that I’m excited to receive my next Amex statement, to see how many Membership Rewards Points I’ve earned and what I can redeem them against? If anything, it certainly makes me feel a lot less guilty about my coffee habit!

To find out more about the Amex Cards that reward spending with Membership Rewards Points, head to the website here.

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