Mix Your Watch with Timex

Last Thursday, I attended one of the best events I’ve been invited to since my little blog began. And as you can see from my photo above, I had so much fun!

I was invited by Timex for an exclusive preview of their forthcoming AW16 collection, and was offered a chance to create my own personalised watch! 

It was hosted on the rooftop of the ultra chic Shoreditch House. 

The latest Weekend Fairfield collection allows you to choose which face you want, then you can mix and match with different straps. Perfect for styling with different outfits. Whether it’s for work or a festival, a quick change of strap and you’re good to go!

I spotted somebody at the event wearing the large silver face customised with the black leather strap, and had to take a photo! Obsessed! 

I brought my friend Jenie along with me, who casually made friends with an astronaut as we wandered around the event admiring all the different watch styles! 

Yummy American style food was passed around. 

Pizzas, mini burgers and hot dogs, popcorn and mac n cheese. Pretty much all my favs!

Music filled the room and cocktails were shaken one after another. 

Now for the most exciting part of the evening. Time to choose our watch! 

I studied the choice of faces, and instantly had my eye on the gold face. I figured I wear gold more than I do silver, so it would go with the majority of my outfits. 

The black face was pretty tempting too though. 

Now for the strap. Leather or fabric? Tan or black? Or a pop of colour?

I am the worst at decisions, but eventually decided on the orange leather. I have always loved the mix of orange and gold together, and it also adds a pop of colour that is always needed in my monochrome outfits! 

Jen also picked the gold face but with the pink, navy and rose gold fabric strap. Very edgy, which completely mimics Jen’s style. 

Head over to my Instagram to see my customised watch! I am so in love. 

With our new watches proudly wrapped around our wrists, we grabbed another cocktail just in time for the band to start, and spent the next couple of hours dancing away to the music. 

As the event drew to a close, Jen and I said our goodbyes, grabbed our goodie bags and headed outside. 

The pool looked beautiful lit up in the night sky, and some brave people were taking a tip despite the chilly weather!  

One of the many things I love about my friend Jen, is that no matter where we are in London, she will always know a good restaurant nearby that serves seriously good food. 

Jen led me around the corner towards the Ace Hotel, one of her favourite haunts. Right next door, through a florist, is a restaurant called Hoi Polloi. 

Thankfully they were able to seat us straight away. 

We sipped cosmopolitan cocktails with a twist as we studied the newspaper menus. Everything looked so delicious but I knew straight away what I wanted. The cheeseburger!

After sampling the American canapés at the event, a big juicy cheeseburger was exactly what I was craving, and Jen was thinking the exact same! 

Wanna know how you can tell how good it tasted? Because it was gone before I even had a chance to take a photo. Oops, sorry! Blame the hunger. 

It was cooked beautifully pink (how I believe all burgers should be!), packed full and oozing with melted cheese. Served beside a big pot of dripping chips. 

I will definitely be returning to Hoi Polloi this Summer to try out more dishes on their menu!

Thank you Timex for hosting such a fabulous event, and for our equally fabulous watches. 

Check out part of the new Weekender Fairfield collection on their website here. And I’ve also found one of my favourites, the gold face with tan strap, available on ASOS here

I can’t wait to buy more straps start mixing and matching!