Salon 64 – the new social hub & luxury destination

A couple of weeks ago I finished work early and jumped on the tube to attend blog event, followed by lunch with my friend straight afterwards. As I got off the tube and started walking to the event, I realised I was early (the first time this has ever happened to me in a looooong time!), so made my way to Starbucks to chill out and make myself look a bit more presentable after a busy morning and hot tube journey.

I managed to squeeze myself in between two people at the window of Starbucks and desperately tried to apply some concealer, mascara and lipstick without elbowing the person next to me. My compact mirror had a ton of powder on it so I could barely see myself, and eventually gave up when my beauty blender fell onto my lap before bouncing onto the floor and rolling under the table.

I arrived at the event hot, flustered and a bit of a mess! After the event, I made my way to lunch and immediately nipped to the toilet for a chance to actually apply some make up in a mirror that isn’t fuzzy, although I still felt rushed because my friend was waiting at the table.

It dawned on me how regularly this happens, and how it’s just become the norm for us ladies to have nowhere we can go to leisurely apply our make up and get ready before we head somewhere and without the fear of being a bit judged for it.

This is where Salon 64 comes in. Don’t be fooled by it’s name – it’s not just a salon. Located along Bateman St in Soho, Salon 64 opened it’s doors a few months ago and I just wish it had been along longer!

The brains behind the venture is Ricky Walters, who has styled the likes of Sandra Bullock and Arnold Schwarzenegger and made a name for himself at the age of just 26 (major inspo right there). Salon 64 is designed to be a dynamic and flexible social hub, as well as a high-end luxury destination.

You don’t have to be booked in for a hair appointment to enjoy Salon 64, you can simply walk in from the street, order a coffee, relax and unwind.

I popped in during London Fashion Week a couple of weekends ago, as it was conveniently located just around the corner. As soon as I entered I was welcomed by the smell of freshly ground coffee and the lovely barista Dan whipping up a cappuccino with some funky coffee art on top. I spotted the hair salon past the coffee bar at the back, but what I was most interested in was the pop up make up station I’d been told about.

I ordered a coffee and propped myself up at the bar.

How fabulous! My own individual dressing table, complete with a charger and an extra large mirror to touch up my make up whilst I sip my coffee.

There are also mini pop up dressing tables at the window if you’re a nosey people watcher like me! I popped my phone on charge and posted an Instagram whilst watching the world go by outside. Soho is the BEST for people watching too and I love looking at everyone’s different outfits, especially during fashion week. If you’re ever in London during fashion week, grab a front row seat at Salon 64 for the best people watching views!

After a quick make up touch up and social media update, I was ready to head back out into the cold. To keep me warm (and also one coffee is never enough), I ordered another cappuccino on my way out too in one of Salon 64’s personalised takeaway cups.

Coffee in hand, I headed to my next LFW presentation feeling fabulous and refreshed.

Read more about Salon 64 and where to find them over on their website.

wearing: Mango dress | Mango oversize sweater | Marks and Spencer waist belt | River Island heels (sold out but similar here and here) | Hill and Friends shoulder bag

Photos by Victoria Metaxas.