#SHEGOESHOME | Introducing My Home Instagram Account

home decor kitchen new build dog dining room grey sofa

Two years ago today, we officially moved into our first home! I have no idea where those two years have gone, but they’ve honestly been the happiest of my life. So much has changed since then! The most special thing to have happened was adopting our three rescue dogs, Bailey, Bella and Betsy. We cannot imagine our lives without them!

As our house was a new build, it was like a blank canvas ready for us to decorate. This made is so much easier for us to turn the house into a home, but it took much longer than I initially imagined! I envisioned all of the rooms being complete after around 6 months, but that was not the case! Although I know exactly what style I like for the interior design, I’m also quite picky so I tend to hold off until I find exactly what I’m looking for. For this reason, it’s taken a long time to finish each room and there are still certain corners and walls left unfinished! It’s all part of the fun though!

I recently announced a series on my blog called #SheGoesHome, where I plan to post snippets of our home, inspiration, home pieces I’m loving and lots more. I will also be announcing some really exciting news this month! I annoyingly can’t speak about it until it’s all confirmed, but as soon as I can, this is where I will be documenting everything related to this announcement.

To run alongside my blog series, I’ve also created a separate home/interiors Instagram page where I’ll be posting photos and videos of everything home related. I made it separate to my main instagram as I didn’t want to bore those following for fashion content only! My home/interiors page is called @shegoes.home, so please click here to follow along!

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