The Best Home Gadget For Dog Owners

The Best Gadget for Dog Owners lovers gift guide furbo camera

It’s been just over 6 months since we received our Furbo dog camera, and it’s still both mine and the dog’s favourite gadget in the house! I posted an initial review post back in December when I first partnered up with Furbo (check out the post here) but I wanted to follow up with an update as well as an exciting discount code! 

As I said before, I was absolutely over the moon to start my partnership with Furbo and could not wait to share this product with you all! It’s something that has genuinely made such a positive impact in our house and helped immensely with my anxiety and worry when I have to leave the house. 

If you’re new to Furbo, it’s a dog camera that fits discreetly and seamlessly into your home. I have mine sitting on the TV cabinet, as you’ll see in the pics below. You can then check the camera through the Furbo app on your phone within seconds, wherever you are and whenever you want. 

The girls are usually pretty good when I have to leave them for a few hours, and 9 times out of 10 when I do frantically check the camera I find them curled up on the sofa dreaming about gravy bones! But…when they spot next doors cat in our garden, it’s a different story! As soon as they start barking, a notification pops up on my phone to alert me and I can log onto the camera to see what’s going on. I click the microphone button to tell them to calm down, and as soon as they hear my voice they settle down.

The Best Gadget for Dog Owners lovers gift guide furbo camera

Here are a few more features that make this gadget so brilliant:


Firstly, the camera is full 1080p HD with a 160° wide-angle lens. Where I positioned it on the side of our TV stand, I originally thought it wouldn’t pick up Betsy sitting on the far left of the sofa, but it did! So impressed. 


The built in microphone allows you to hear through the app even the smallest noise that gets picked up. 


This is one of my favourite features. My biggest worry is the thought of them barking like mad when I leave the house. Furbo’s technology detects barking and sends an alert to your phone letting you know, so you can calm them down via the microphone. How cool is that? 

My favourite feature of all, the treat toss! On the app, you’ll see a little treat on the screen – just swipe on the treat and it’ll fire a handful out of the Furbo! My dogs absolutely love it and get so excited when they hear the Furbo getting ready to reward them! Bella has even mastered how to catch the treat straight in her mouth, it’s so funny!

The Best Gadget for Dog Owners lovers gift guide furbo camera The Best Gadget for Dog Owners lovers gift guide furbo camera