The Rooftop Cafe

One of the many perks of working in the City is that you’re always a stone’s throw from fabulous eateries, some of which are hidden away under your nose and the only way of discovering them is through word of mouth.

My friend at work shares my obsession with rooftop bars and restaurants, so when she discovered The Rooftop Cafe, she shared the secret and gathered our team together to head down there one Friday afternoon.

Hidden on the rooftop of the The Exchange building, it’s quietly tucked away from the public and it takes a bit of navigation to actually find it! 

After taking a lift and walking up some narrow winding stairs, we finally reached the top of the building and sat in the blazing sun, admiring the views.

I do love a view! Located just under the Shard, the views are incredible. A little warning, you might feel a bit wobbly when looking up!

The food menu is short but sweet, with only 5 options for starters and 4 for mains. 

We ordered some wine and our food, before soaking up the sun as we waited. 

Asparagus is one of my favourite starters. Not only is it delicious, but it’s light enough so I have enough room for my main! 

For this reason, I ordered the asparagus to start which arrived with a fried egg and shavings of parmasan. 

I got serious food envy when my friend’s lamb chop arrived. Don’t you hate that? When you instantly regret what you’ve ordered and want that instead! I had to stop myself from grabbing the plate before she began to tuck up! 

My food envy was made even worse when my food arrived. I ordered the venison with quinoa. 

As you can see, it didn’t look like the most appealing meal…

And unfortunately, it tasted just as bad as it looked! 

It arrived on the bone, which I didn’t expect, and after several attempts of sawing away with my knife, I could only find a few tiny mouthfuls of meat that was completely lacking any flavour.

I soon gave up and looked forward to dessert instead!

My dessert arrived and this time, it
tasted just as delicious as it looks!

Salted caramel ice cream with a shot of
espresso on the side to either pour over or sip. I don’t enjoy espressos on
their own, so decided to pour the warm coffee over my ice cream, creating a
delicious mix of hot and cold. Yum!

It’s fair to say that dessert only lasted
a couple of seconds!

The Rooftop Cafe is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and their food menu changes on a monthly basis. You can find all the details on their website here

After settling the bill, we moved on to
find somewhere else to spend the rest of our evening.

We wandered around Borough Market and
stumbled upon a bar serving chocolate and cocktails. Also known as heaven. 

It’s called Rabot 1745. A restaurant, bar, café and outdoor
terrace that overlooks the hustle and bustle of borough market. Their sibling
restaurant opened in 2011 on their 250 year old Rabot Estate cocoa plantation
in Saint Lucia, and they hoped to bring the same Caribbean charm to the heart
of London.  

If you’re crazy about chocolate, this is
the place to come! They serve unique cocoa cocktails in the bar and incorporate
cocoa as a spice into their dishes in the restaurant. 

ourselves up at the bar, we ordered a round of cocktails and bought some dark
chocolate to take home. 

I ordered a pretty pink, which consisted of cocoa gin, lemon, rosewater, honey and prosecco.

We stayed in the bar until late in the evening, ordering countless cocoa cocktails and slowly making our way through the chocolate we bought earlier that wasn’t supposed to be opened so soon! 

Find all details about Rabot 1945 on their website here, including menus and where to find them. 

There is nothing quite like Summer in London. Sun and food followed by chocolate infused cocktails. Definitely a Friday well spent!