Thursday Night in Soho

Last Thursday was eventful to say the least. What started as a quiet, sophisticated gin tasting session (that was never going to stay quiet for long, was it!) with my friend Jenie, turned into us stumbling into G-A-Y and dancing to S Club 7! 

We were kindly invited down to The Warwick  in Soho to experience their new Gin Emporium bar, which boasts an impressive menu dedicated to the classic gin and tonic cocktail. The bar staff took us through their collection of Gin’s, telling us everything we need to know about the spirit. 

‘the gin & tonic has saved more 

Englishmen’s lives & minds, than 

all doctors in the empire’

Winston Churchill

I highly recommend for any gin lover!

After tasting each type of gin and enjoying a gin and tonic of our choice from the menu, we were invited upstairs for drinks and nibbles. After a couple of hours, Jenie and I left in the search for a Mexican bar I wanted to pop into, but after getting lost and stumbling upon G-A-Y, we decided to go in for a boogie! 

Random nights are always the best nights and I’m so glad I remembered to vlog our evening (which made us cry with laughter watching back the next morning), so that when we’re old and wrinkly we can watch back and remember how much fun we had!

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