We’re Moving!

This year has been an exciting one so far to say the least. In June, Lloyd and I reserved our first house together, and we officially completed last Tuesday! It’s a new build, so it’s currently being built and won’t be ready to move into until February 2017. This feels like a complete lifetime away, and I feel bad wishing away the months but I just want time to hurry up so we can move in!

It’s a strange feeling knowing we finally own our own house, and after 6 years we will finally be living together. We’re officially becoming grown ups, haha.

Times are changing. I’m becoming more excited about buying homewear and furniture than I am about clothes, and my Pinterest has shifted from fashion to home décor in a matter of months! This makes me realise just how excited I am about moving day. 

As the house will be a blank canvas for us to decorate how we wish, we will be kept busy over the next few months planning, deciding which themes to go with, homewear shopping and transforming the house into our home. I wanted to keep you guys updated on our journey, as I’ve enjoyed reading similar blog posts from people in the same position as us. It’s been fun gaining inspiration from other people and I hope I can inspire somebody else too.

Thankfully, we both agree when it comes to décor styles. My friend Jen told us about this ‘ultimate find your style quiz’ and we both chose the same styles each time. It revealed that our favourite style is ‘Classic Glam’ which, after reading the summary, could not be truer. 

“You’re somewhat traditional and love to keep your space pretty and put-together. You also like a little sparkle and lots of ornamental detail. You don’t oppose color, but you tend to use it rather sparingly and save it for a statement. You don’t mind if your home is a little more formal. You like historical pieces but also like them to be in good shape.”

Here are a few of the photos saved on my camera roll I’ve been using for inspiration when browsing the web or looking around the shops:

*photos from Pinterest and Elle Decor*

Now we know what sort of style we’re looking for, it’ll hopefully make shopping a bit easier. I will update you when we officially begin buying bits and bobs, and most importantly, the furniture! 

I’m currently putting together a list of shops, boutiques, online stores for furniture and décor, so please comment below if you have any recommendations. I’m totally new to all of this so would really appreciate your help!