Monday Must-Haves | 002

I’m back with another Monday Must-Haves! If you missed the first post from this series, click here! Each week I’m basically going to be telling you a number of things I’m currently obsessed with and feel you need to know about it. It can be anything from a new favourite piece of clothing, makeup or a random gadget that’s probably boring to some people but caused me a lot of excitement haha.

Let’s get into it…

This Works Deep Sleep Spray

I’ve had this spray in my drawer probably since Christmas and completely forgot about it. I noticed it in there last week and rekindled my love for this product! When I get into bed, I spray this across my pillow (you only need two sprays), and take a deep breath of the gorgeous, dreamy scent as I lay my head down. It’s so relaxing I can’t even begin to describe. I’ve actually re-discovered it at the right time because I hadn’t been sleeping well at all the past few months, but this has really been helping.

The problem with me is I get into bed with 1 million thoughts running through my mind and I find it so hard to just focus on sleep. I end up tossing and turning, thinking about different things and when I do eventually fall asleep I wake up from horrible night terrors. Not good!

I’ve found the dreamy scent allows me to focus on myself and my breath and helps me to fall asleep. It’s probably all in my head, but if it works then I’m happy! I actually run out of the spray yesterday and ordered another one for next day delivery after a mild panic haha. I’m obsessed!


Himalayan Salt Lamp

This probably sounds so random, but hear me out! I first discovered salt rock lamps through The Skinny Confidential and found myself getting lost for hours on Google researching them. As I mentioned above, Lloyd and I have been struggling with getting a good nights sleep so I’d already been thinking about making a few changes in our bedroom and creating a relaxing space in the evenings. Through research, I discovered that not only do salt lamps give off a dreamy, soothing glow but have a number of health benefits too. They act as an air purifier, by attracting water vapour and trapping indoor air pollutants including allergens, mould and bacteria. They’re also known to help asthma sufferers as well as balance positive and negative ions, which reduce radiation and airborne infection.

My little salt lamp sits pretty on my bedside table next to my huge Amethyst crystal, and I love it!! I bought mine through this website and ordered the 4-6kg version. I also paid extra for a dimmer switch so I can alter the brightness.

Winter Coat

I was very kindly gifted this gorgeous Winter coat a couple of weeks ago and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it. I wish you could feel just how silky smooth and luxurious it is. I’ve mentioned before just how much I love long coats, especially for work. You can throw them on with any outfit and not have to worry about the length. It’ll also keep you nice and cosy during your chilly commute into the office.


My New Favourite Concealer

I decided to give this concealer a go recently and it’s quickly become my new everyday go-to. I’m hooked! I use shade custard and smooth it under my eyes before blending it in with a beauty blender to wipe away all my dark circles. I have relatively dry skin but this actually feels really moisturising on my skin and doesn’t look too cakey. I definitely recommend for a day in the office if you’re looking for something that’ll last all day.


Noir Diffuser

I have a bit of an obsession with smells in my house. If I walk into a room and can’t instantly smell something delicious, I’m not happy!! That’s where diffusers come in, as they’re such an easy way to fill a room with fragrance. When Lloyd and I were in the Cotswolds last month, I noticed in the cottage we were staying in that they had this Noir diffuser in both the bathroom and the hallway. I fell in love with the gorgeous dark, sensuous smell that was strong enough to fill the entire upstairs of our cottage. As soon as we got home I bought two that are now proudly sitting in my bathroom and on the ledge as you get to the top of the stairs. Good quality diffusers are quite hard to come by, so when I do find one I love I tend to buy in bulk!



If you’re looking for a new and exciting new bag for both work and the weekend, make sure you check out STAUD. Their tote bags are perfect for taking to a meeting to hold all your essentials, and their cross-body bags are ideal for busy days running to your next appointment. Their trendy bucket bags are also really cute!


Autumn/Winter Loafers

Loafers are essential during the Autumn/Winter months, especially when the weather takes a turn for the worst! I love how structured and protective loafers are for cold commutes into the office. Sam Edelman has a gorgeous collection available at the moment, including the snakeskin pair pictured above. If you’re looking for extra protection in the wind and rain, check out their range of stylish rain and winter boots. These will guarantee your feet are warm and dry when you arrive at your desk, ready to swap for a pair of heels!