14 of the Best Winter Coats from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

As I’ve mentioned in my two previous blog posts (here and here), the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to pick up your staple items, and where better to start than your Winter coat?

A good quality coat can last you an entire lifetime (if you look after it that is!), so personally, I’ve always seen buying my Winter coat as an investment. I don’t mind spending that little bit more on something I know is well made from quality material, and will keep me warm and snug throughout the Winter. I can put it away in my wardrobe at the end of the chilly season, and know it’s waiting for me whenever I need it again.

I’ve rounded up 14 of the best quality coats made from luxurious materials that not only look expensive and chic, but genuinely do the job they’re designed for and keep you nice and warm too. Happy shopping!

14 of the best Winter coats