The Cashmere Brand You Need To Know About

repeat cashmere jumper london workwear
this blog post is in collaboration with Repeat Cashmere

Cashmere is something every woman and man should have in their wardrobes! Whether it’s a jumper, cardigan or scarf, the beauty of cashmere is that it can be worn throughout the year. It’s worth the higher price tag because you’ll find yourself pulling it out of your wardrobe in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Plus, the premium material means that if you look after it properly, it will last you year after year after year.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I only had one cashmere jumper in my wardrobe prior to 2019. This jumper was worn only once or twice as I never really liked the fit of it, and it put me off buying cashmere again. That was until I was introduced to Repeat Cashmere, who made me fall in love with cashmere all over again. As you know, I’m always excited to share with you new brands that I discover, which is why I wanted to dedicate a blog post entirely to Repeat Cashmere

I own two of their jumpers, the sky blue short sleeve one I’m wearing here, and a sunflower yellow long sleeve version you’ll see me wearing below. I was sceptical about the fit before they arrived, but could not have been happier with how they looked once I’d tried them on. They’re so flattering and feel unbelievably cosy. 

The fine knit material is perfect for wearing on a cloudy Spring day, especially when layered over a vest top. It’s also ideal for wearing to the office during the Summer. When I worked in an office, I would often find myself shivering at my desk under the air conditioning, so these knits would have come in extremely handy! 

repeat cashmere jumper london workwear
repeat cashmere jumper london workwear


As well as obviously selling a beautiful range of cashmere, Repeat Cashmere also offer silk blouses, dresses and the chicest white shirts. I’m sharing 11 of my favourite Repeat Cashmere pieces below…



repeat cashmere jumper london workwear repeat cashmere jumper london workwear