#OutOfOffice | Clarins Spa Day at Le Blizzard

Following the dramas that occurred the previous day when I took a tumble down a tricky red run (read all about it here), I think it’s fair to say my body was suffering the following day. As soon as I stepped out of bed I realised I would not be putting on my skis that day. My knee couldn’t fully bend, my thigh muscle felt like it had torn and my back was stiff.

As I sipped my tea and ate my cocopops (yes, I am 25 and eat cocopops quit judging) feeling sorry for myself, my boyfriend made my day by suggesting we have a spa day.

I immediately threw my bikini into my bag and we headed out into the falling snow in the direction of Le Blizzard hotel. We had been recommended the Clarins spa within this hotel and I’d heard their massages were incredible.

We decided to have lunch in the hotel before heading into the spa, so booked in our massages with the friendly receptionist for the afternoon and took a seat in the bar with a coffee as we waited for the restaurant to open (eager much).

We slumped into the deep, cosy sofas and sipped our coffees as the wood-burning fire roared beside us. The hotel is charming, clad in rustic wood and stone with an old fashioned chalet-style decor throughout. It screams luxury without any pretentiousness.

As the restaurant opened for lunch, we were seated at the table and shown the menu. The restaurant windows boast beautiful views of the gardens covered in snow.

As we were spending the day in our swimwear, we both wanted something light but filling so both ordered the chicken Caesar salad. It promptly arrived, piled high and looking delicious! And it was delicious! One of the best Caesar salads I’ve had. Huge chunky croutons and mini quails eggs which oozed yolk when cut. My mouth is watering as I’m typing!

After lunch we made our way into the spa and got changed into our swimwear and robes. It was time for my massage and I was greeted by the lovely beautician who led me into a dim lit room with soothing music playing in the background. My massage was one of the best I’ve ever had, and just what I needed for my sore muscles. Afterwards, she led me out to the living room area of the spa and made me a herbal tea as I relaxed on the sofas. 

I sipped my tea and watched the snow falling outside as I waited for L to finish his massage. 

I felt my mind drifting off and my eyes becoming heavier when all of a sudden I was brought back to reality by the sound of barking. As a total crazy dog lady this was music to my ears and I desperately scanned my eyes around the room to try and find where the noise was coming from. 

The barking got louder and louder before the most beautiful white dog came pounding over and into my view from the window. I watched from the window and watched as he leapt into the snow and began rolling around! 

What a beauty! I later found out he is the boss’s dog and lives at the hotel, roaming around, getting fuss from all the guests and playing out in the snow! I was tempted to open the door and invite him into the spa but I had a feeling a huge wet dog wouldn’t be welcomed by some of the guests! 

As L returned from his massage we made our way outside for a dip in the heated pool and outdoor jacuzzi! One dip was enough for me, as it was snowing heavily and I haaaate being cold so I ran back indoors and into the warmth of the jacuzzi room. 

We left the spa early evening drenched in Clarins products and feeling completely and utterly rejuvenated. Just what I needed after a long week of skiing. 

As we made out way out of the hotel I caught a glimpse of the dog from earlier curled up in front of the open fire! What a life he lives! 

Find all details about the hotel and spa on their website here. I have lots more to update you on from our holiday, so I’ll see you in my next post!