Exploring Paris

We awoke the following morning feeling surprisingly fresh and ready for a full day exploring Paris. That may have had a little something to do with our rather long lie in, so long in fact we missed breakfast! Oops! 

For my second day in Paris, I wore a floral a-line dress and my new and extremely comfortable block heels, finished off with my Dior cat-eye classes. I felt very sixties!

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Hangry Hungry and gasping for a cold drink, we got ready and stepped out into the heat. We were all wearing much more sensible shoes than the previous day, so decided to take a long stroll in the direction of the Eiffel Tower, and stop somewhere on the way for lunch. 

I genuinely can’t imagine ever getting bored of wandering the streets of Paris, especially when it’s such beautiful weather. Taking in the Parisian architecture, shops and landmarks. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower countless times yet it still makes me want to scream each time I see it! I’m such a cliché tourist!

As we approached the Arc de Triomphe, we spotted a restaurant on the corner with some shaded outdoor seating. Perfect! 

I ordered the chicken caesar salad, which arrived covered in parmesan cheese. Yum!

We left the restaurant feeling much more alive, and made our way towards the Arc De Triomphe, stopping for some snaps on the way. 

We then took a slow stroll along the Champs-Elysees once again, picking up some macaroons from Laduree on route. 

At the end of the road, we took a turn into my favourite road in all of Paris. Avenue Montaigne. 

It’s the bond street of Paris, lined with the most exclusive designers and hotels. If you’re looking for a lovely lunch spot, L’Avenue is sat half way down the road, on a corner. Many famous people have been spotted there and it’s fast become the “it” place to go during Fashion Week. If we hadn’t already eaten I would have definitely popped in to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe next time!

What I also love about this street is that the Eiffel Tower can be seen as you approach the end. 

We took a U-turn after reaching the end of the road, and took a lovely walk along the river. 

A few hours had passed since we had our late breakfast/lunch, and all the walking had left us feeling peckish again, so I suggested we try Ferdi for an early dinner. Despite being a haunt for celebrities and frequently being named as Kim Kardashian’s favourite restaurant in the world (I know, a bold statement), we were able to get a table quickly in the small and cosy restaurant. I also heard a rumour that Ferdi serves the best burgers in Paris…a rumour I could not wait to test. 

When we sat down, I looked around and tried to imagine Kim Kardashian sitting in the corner eating a burger, but it was impossible! I expected an ultimate fancy restaurant, but instead it had a very relaxed, homely feel to it. Not what I expected at all. 

Random photos filled every space on the wall, teddy bears were watching over us from the ceiling and children’s toys were positioned on shelves on the wall. It gave off the vibe of a family run restaurant, which I liked. We were made to feel very welcome. 

Wanting to test the rumour I had heard, we all ordered the cheeseburger with a side of mac n cheese (obvs) and chips. 

I also ordered a strawberry daiquiri, which arrived in the cocktail shaker so that I could pour out more once I’d finished. 

OK, now I know why they say that Ferdi serves the best burgers in Paris. I may even go as far as to say the best burger I’ve ever had! And trust me, I’ve had many!

There was nothing fancy about it, which is exactly how I think a proper burger should be. None of this posh business you sometimes find restaurant’s doing with their burgers, Ferdi’s burgers are classic, and bloody delicious.

I asked for mine to be cooked medium, and it arrived perfectly pink in the middle and oozing with juiciness. 

The mac n cheese was also to die for! I’m drooling just looking at it…

Ferdi, this is certainly not the last you will see of me! I will never be able to visit Paris again in the future and resist that burger!!

We walked around the corner and popped into Valentino, where I eyed up the sunglasses whilst Megan tried on her wedding shoes. Unfortunately, they didn’t have her size so we jumped into a cab back to another Valentino along Avenue Montaigne. 

To celebrate Megan completing one of the most important parts of her wedding preparation with a pair of the most beautiful Valentino’s, we asked for a table next door at Hotel Athenee.

This is the fabulous hotel that Carrie Bradshaw stayed in the episodes “An American Girl in Paris”.

As you already know, I am the world’s biggest Sex and the City fan, so whenever I visit Paris and walk past this hotel, I look up and imagine Carrie stepping out onto the balcony of her penthouse and screaming when she sees the Eiffel Tower! 

We sat at a table in the beautiful outdoor terrace (we really did make the most of the weather this trip!), and ordered some refreshments. For once, I didn’t opt for a cocktail and ordered an iced coffee instead. It was the perfect pick me up. 

Fully refreshed, we left the terrace and walked back towards our hotel, making our way down the Champs-Elysees one last time. 

We stopped for an ice cream on route, our final treat before heading home 🙁

I had such a fabulous couple of days and felt so blessed to be able to enjoy this wonderful city with 3 of my favourite ladies. It was short and sweet, but a trip I’ll remember forever. 

Each time I leave Paris, I never feel truly ready to go home. There is always so much more exploring to be done and places I still want to visit! I guess it’s the perfect excuse to come back time and time again. 

Au Revoir Paris, until next time!