Lazy Days in Mauritius

Our days in Mauritius evolved around food. I’m not kidding! Personally, this is my idea of a perfect holiday. Not having to worry about anything other than when it would next be acceptable to stuff my face again (which was pretty much every couple of hours!)

Every day we woke at around 8am, and either headed straight down to the buffet breakfast or we would have breakfast delivered to our room to enjoy on our terrace.

After breakfast, we slowly made our way down to either the beach or pool, whichever took our fancy! I personally prefer lounging around a pool so I can dip in and out without worrying about the sand getting everywhere! I sound like such a diva don’t I?!

The beach was pretty beautiful though. It was never crowded, so you could relax in peace and have a dip in the calmest sea I’ve ever seen. 

Utter relaxation.

There were activities taking place throughout the day that you could join in with if you wanted to, including a painting class by the beach. My sister would have appreciated this much more than me due to her talent when it comes to painting. Me on the other hand, I can barely draw a stick person so I think it’s safe to say I didn’t participate, to save embarrassment!

If you’re a crazy animal person like myself, you would appreciate the lovely cats that wander around the resort. This one enjoyed a nap each morning in the shade by the beach.

It’s a hard life for the cats in Mauritius!

Another feature that guests could enjoy was having a romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner on a private lagoon floating in the middle of the sea. 

Two of our friends we met at the resort enjoyed a lovely honeymoon sunset dinner on it one evening. The boys swam out to it one afternoon and enjoyed a little romantic bromance moment together…

Each morning flew by and before we knew it, it was time for lunch. Much to my excitement! For some reason, despite feeling full after each meal, within an hour I felt so hungry again and could not stop thinking about food! I blamed the sun….(or maybe I’m just greedy?!)

No matter what I ordered for lunch each day, without a doubt I would always order my favourite chicken salad on the side. I never thought I would ever get so excited over a salad! 

One of my favourite restaurants for lunch was ‘the beach’ restaurant. You could make your own pizza which arrived huuuuge and delicious. Amazing. Try not to drool when you see the pizza photo…

Whilst us girls lounged in the sun to let our lunch go down, the boys played bat and ball all afternoon in the pool! Boys will be boys…

Late afternoons called for a chill out and pamper. I was excited to hear about the Lux Me spa on resort, and as soon as we arrived I made some appointments for a few relaxing pamper afternoons. 

We enjoyed a full body massage one afternoon, and emerged from the room half asleep with one eye open and feeling weightless and relaxed from head to toe. Thankfully, the door to our treatment room led us straight outside into the relaxing area for guests of the spa to unwind after their treatments. 

I practically fell onto the lounger in the sun and straight to sleep! We also took a dip in the jacuzzi and salt water pool and made full use of the steam and sauna too before returning back to the beach.

All afternoons ended the same way and we very quickly established a routine. On our way back from the beach we stopped off at the ici van to grab an ice cream and popped into Cafe Lux for a coffee and cronut to take back to our room. 

The perfect ending to our days in paradise. I feel relaxed just writing this blog post, I think it’s time for a nap…