#OutOfOffice | Lio, Ibiza

For our final evening in Ibiza, we had a table booked at Lio. 

Lio is a restaurant, club and cabaret show all in one, and after hearing nothing but incredible things about it, we were all beyond excited to see what all the fuss is about!

Before heading out, we had some group photos taken on Es Vive’s rooftop. The perfect setting for photos! 

We insisted Megan had a photo on the white princess throne, looking as beautiful as ever!

We arrived at Lio and were seated around the stage table, right in the middle. 

The restaurant is open air, allowing the warm Ibiza breeze to drift in throughout the evening and boasting the most beautiful views of the old town. 

After ordering our food, the first acts took to the stage. 

Everyone in the restaurant looked up from their food, completely fixated as the amazing singers and dancers performed one after another.  

The food at Lio is designed to be shared, so for starters we ordered mixed sharing platters including tempura prawns, mixed meats and bruschetta. 

For mains, we ordered black cod (my absolute favourite) and steak along with sides of dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables. 

Along with copious amounts of wine…

The venue itself is huge, and even if you’re not seated around the stage table, you have a good view of the acts from wherever you’re sitting. 

The performers make their way around the tables too and interact with the crowd which I thought was brilliant. 

The acts completely vary. 

One minute you’ll be watching the sexiest dance routine to “earned it” from 50 shades of grey, and the next you’ll be falling off your chair laughing at a man dressed as a banana…

Completely random but somehow, it works!

In between each act, loud music begins to play and the dancers all break out into a dance routine. 

By the end of the night, as soon as you hear the music come on, everyone gets up and joins in!

One of the performances involved getting all the girls up onto the stage to dance along to “girls just wanna have fun”!

I spent a lot of my evening with my mouth wide open in amazement. 

Not only when the beautiful male dancers had their tops off (sorry not sorry), but also at the sheer strength of some of the performers. 

I genuinely don’t know how they do it!

Once the performances were over, the stage disappeared revealing a pool underneath which some of the performers jumped into! 

As we were finishing our dinner, one of the extremely handsome dancers came over to us and discretely asked (without Megan knowing) if we wanted him to give Megan a private dance, seeing as it was her hen do! 

Our immediate response was….erm yes!! 

We made sure we ordered a round of shots to calm her nerves, and after a couple of sambuca’s, Megan was ready!

Probably my favourite photo of the night….!

Afterwards, we moved over to the bar area where we danced until the early hours.

The fact we were getting picked up at 7am for our flight home slowly drifted from our minds as the night went on and before we knew it, we were in bed with sore feet from a full night of dancing and only a couple of hours until our minibus was arriving! 

It’s safe to say we were not looking our best as we waited at the airport for our flight. Airport hangovers are the worst in history. When will we learn?!

The headache was completely worth it though as our night in Lio was one of the best of my life and a night we will never forget! It was the perfect ending to Megan’s incredible hen weekend and I’m so glad she had the best time. 

Megan’s fairytale castle wedding took place at the weekend, and I’ll put some photos up on my blog soon!

Ibiza, you were amazing as always. See you next Summer!!