Mauritius Nights

Despite spending most days doing nothing but eating and sunbathing, the hours in the day flew by and before we knew it the sun had gone down and it was time to get ready for the evening. 

There were 3 restaurants to choose from for evening dinner, so we alternated between them each night. The buffet restaurant on most resorts we’ve been to before usually gets boring after a while, but each night they had a completely different selection. 

Our favourite was the Indian themed night. We love a good curry, and I could honestly say I had the best curry I’ve ever eaten on that night! It was completely different to the usual we order from our local takeaway. 

The food we ate throughout our holiday was nothing short of delicious and I never once had a bad meal! We’re massive foodies so having good meals was so important to us, and thankfully we were very lucky. I may have come back a good few pounds heavier but it was soooo worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of our favourite placed to dine was the fish restaurant which was situated on the beach. I loved dining here as I got the opportunity to try different types of fish that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to eat at home. The sushi was to die for too!

One evening as we were eating, a pirate ship began to make its way onto the beach and Mauritian dancers began to make their way towards us along the beach. I’m not going to lie I genuinely thought they were pirates for a split second (haha), but it was all part of the act and they performed a dance on the beach which got everyone up to dance with them!

After dinner, we made our way into the bar to begin my nightly strawberry dacquiri drinking routine. They were just so yummy I could have drank them all day and night long. In fact, I think I did just that a couple of days! 

Wearing: ASOS Dress | Oasis Sandals (available in black here) | Zara Bag

It would be rude not to make a pit stop at Cafe Lux on our way back to our room in the evening and our nightly coffee began part of a routine for us! Their specially trained Baristas made coffees that were good enough to be sold at Starbucks. The nesquik hot chocolate was pretty yummy too…

I got back to my room each evening to the gorgeous smell of lavender oils that had been sprinkled under my pillow whilst I was out. 

I don’t know whether it was the oils or the strawberry dacquiris that sent me off to sleep within seconds, but whatever it was I fell asleep each evening with incredible holiday memories and awoke refreshed each morning and excited to make some more…