#OutOfOffice | Ocean Beach Ibiza

After my embarrassingly early night (read about it here), I awoke the following day with a slight headache but excited for a day at Ocean Beach. The girls who went onto Amnesia the night before hadn’t slept yet, but being the troopers we are, we all pulled ourselves together,  got dressed, put a bit of lipstick on and was ready to go by midday.

We were told to wear all-black, something I had absolutely no problem with seeing as the majority of my wardrobe is black! All the hens wore black with the beautiful bride in white. 

I wore:

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We were so lucky with the weather as this was the only day where we experienced full sun and blazing heat from the moment we woke up, right through until the end of the day. The perfect day for a pool party!

We arrived and were shown to our beds that were situated next to each other in the pool. 

As soon as we arrived we saw girls strutting around covered in glitter, so we dumped our bags onto the bed and immediately went off in the search of the glitter station!

The company is called Kiss my Fairy and they provide body painting services at events throughout Ibiza! 

They have lots of different colours to choose from, and I went for gold to match my body chain.

Fully glittered, it was time for much needed hangover food! 

We ordered mini burgers, duck wraps and a sushi platter to share. Delish!

Megan looked beautiful in her bride to be sash! 

We started with jugs of strawberry daiquiri’s (naturally), then moved onto LPR.

Followed by shots of I have absolutely no idea what…

Finished with the largest bottle of vodka to see us through the afternoon and evening. 

By late afternoon the beds were full and the pool was packed with people dancing to the music. 

There was a loud bang and gold streamers were released into the sky and floated down onto us all. I looked up and saw a giant swan in the sky with acrobats performing stunts! 

Inflatable swans were then drifted into the pool with beautiful dancers on them floating around the pool.

As a nice surprise for Megan, we ordered her a cheesecake with a message to be brought to her at the bed. 

She was so surprised!

That was the last photo taken before sensible Dorothy decided to put away the Camera before it dropped into the pool!! (something that almost happened a million times…I’m so lucky!)

Although the evening became a bit of a blur to me as the drinks flowed, what I do remember is laughing….a lot

We danced in the pool until it was time to go home. Back at the hotel, the girls got ready to go to Space (as planned), and I’m sure you can guess what’s coming. Yep, I went to bed with a fuzzy head. Too many tequilas for me! 

Drop by the blog tomorrow to see what we got up to the following day, which includes something shocking. I finally made it to a club! I know, shock horror! See you tomorrow!