#OutOfOffice | Ibiza Pool Day & Hed Kandi

Ouch. My head. Why do tequila rose shots seem so appealing at the time? After our incredible day at the Ocean Beach pool party, we were all feeling pretty delicate the following morning.

Thankfully, hotel Es Vive serve the best breakfast and I made sure I took advantage of this every morning, despite the hangovers.

We made our way down to the restaurant and I had a full English, followed by toast and a big bowl of fresh fruit. This helped hugely and instantly made me feel better.

The weather wasn’t looking too good on the Saturday, so we decided to have a lazy day around the pool trying to catch some rays as the sun tried it’s best to fight its way through the cloud. 

(Incase you’re wondering, my swimsuit is from here)

In between napping on the sun loungers we frequently visited the restaurant to order lots and lots of food. I had spaghetti bolognaise for lunch which got rid of my hangover completely. There is nothing like a good stodgy meal to make you feel better!

I also had a bloody mary, a cocktail which I don’t particularly enjoy when drinking but I can’t stop drinking it. Does that make sense? I feel like I should hate it, but I don’t!

Es Vive also have a selection of fresh fruit and detox juices on the menu, and after my spaghetti bolognaise I felt I should get a few nutrients inside me so ordered a fruit smoothie which was delicious.

The day flew by and finally at around 5pm, the clouds finally drifted away revealing the hot sun that beamed down on us. So much so, that I found myself staring at the pool and wanting to jump in it to cool down. I grabbed my friend Stacie and after three we bombed into the pool! It took about 5 bombs in the pool to get the perfect “in the air” shot, but we got there in the end!

On the rooftop of the hotel lies a secret sun worshipping area with a private bar. It opens every day from 4pm, so after our dip in the pool we decided to take a wander upstairs to check it out. 

The view from the rooftop was incredible, with views over the ocean. It boasts a relaxed vibe with chilled music playing and huge beds to lie on. 

We eventually ventured up to our room to get ready for the evening. 

Originally, we had booked a table at a restaurant but as we had all eaten so much during the day none of us fancied dining out, so we decided to go to Hed Kandi at Es Paradis instead. 

I went to the same night last year in Ibiza during the closing parties and absolutely loved it (you can read my blog post here), so I couldn’t wait!

Before heading to Es Paradis, we took a cab to Bora Bora beach bar, but left pretty soon after! If you want to be surrounded by unwashed, sweaty, smelly people who probably don’t even know where they are anymore, then go here! We moved onto a couple of other bars then eventually got a cab to the club. 

Wearing: tiger mist playsuit and new look earrings

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When we arrived it wasn’t that busy, but by 3am the dance floor was packed. I like this club because you can actually move around in there and get a drink quickly at the bar. The music on Hed Kandi nights is my favourite too, and they have a sax and bongo player. 

It was such a good night. I know I’ve said it before but I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever danced so much in my life! 

We left around 4am and jumped into a cab back to the hotel to get a few hours sleep before our last day in Ibiza. 

The weekend had gone so quick, but I was excited about what we had planned for our last night. I’d heard incredible things about it, and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life. 

I’ll tell you all about it in the next post, so see you then!