#OutOfOffice | Ski Ya later

This was my favourite day of the week! We woke up to blue skies and warm sunshine, so we headed out bright and early to make the most of it. 

My 4 mornings of ski school had finished, and by the end of my lessons I felt confident to ski on my own. I learnt so much in ski school, and couldn’t wait to get going! 

This is a strange feeling considering at the beginning of the week I thought the nursery slope was steep! We were pretty much thrown in at the deep end and on day two I found myself following my instructor down the mountain in a blizzard, unable to even see my hand in front of me at times. I prefer this style of teaching, as it enabled me to push and challenge myself. We started with 7 of us in the group, but by the second day there were only 3! Everyone else dropped out as they didn’t want to leave the nursery slope. 

I find that pushing yourself is the best way to learn though, and I said this to myself as I was at the top of the slope, looking down at the fog with the wind hitting my face, and told myself to just go! 

Wearing: Ski Ya Later top | Black Salopettes | White ski jacket | white thermal top | House of Harlow sunglasses

The weather was stunning, but deceiving at times! I was boiling hot one minute with my jacket undone, but when we took the ski lift to the very top, the wind blew ice cold air and snow into our faces. I  genuinely couldn’t feel my face! 

A couple of hours later, and we were due a pit stop for something to eat and drink. Conveniently, there was a restaurant at the bottom of one of the slopes that sat right in the sunshine.

We grabbed two hot chocolates, waffles with chocolate sauce, and sat down on the deck chairs facing the sun. Bliss! 

I could have easily stayed in that exact position under the sun all afternoon, but just half an hour later and we were back in our skis. 

A few hours of skiing later, we found ourselves at yet another restaurant. Just in time for lunch! 

We propped our skis and poles in the snow and ventured inside for something warm to eat. 

We both studied the menu and had the same thing in mind…carbs! 

Huge portions of lasagne and carbonara appeared on our table and we began to tuck in. It was just what we needed! 

After lunch we decided to head back to our chalet to relax for the rest of the afternoon before heading out in the evening. 

The question was, should we get the ski lift down or ski down the red run right to the bottom? I was feeling confident as I hadn’t fallen over all morning, so I suggested we ski down. Despite being told in the week this run was really tricky and even experienced skiers found it difficult. Obviously, I didn’t listen!

We began skiing down the slope, and I immediately realised I was out of my depth and I began to feel less and less confident. I carried on regardless, until I came across some ice and came crashing down on my knee. The shock of my fall instantly upset me as I thought at first I’d really hurt myself. I eventually got back up and with some encouragement I carried on, but it was awful!! I’d lost my confidence and was terrified of falling over again. 

Despite being in tears, standing at the side wondering how on earth I was going to get to the bottom without falling over and badly hurting myself, there was a moment when I couldn’t help but laugh! All of a sudden, a group of children that couldn’t have been any older than 5 years old whizzed past me! 

I eventually made it down to the very bottom of the mountain. It may have taken me almost an hour, but I did it! Despite all the dramas, I’m so glad I challenged myself.

I woke up the following morning and could barely bend my knee from my fall. My entire body was aching so we were in major need of a relaxing spa day. I’ll tell you all about that in my next post. See you then!