Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Mauritius

There are certain moments in life that you know will remain in your memory forever. This particular day was full of those moments and I wish I could relive it over and over again! 

I’ve swam with dolphins before in Cuba, but they were in captivity. I was naive at the time and looking back, if I had known how guilty I would have felt afterwards, I would never have booked it. 

When we arrived in Mauritius, we were told about a company called Dolswim that offer excursions to swim with dolphins in the wild. Immediately after hearing we could get the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat, I couldn’t wait to book up and go!

Our day began extra early at 5am. The hotel had kindly made us a picnic and delivered it to our room to take with us, and we set off in a taxi to the west coast of the island. 

We were taken onto a boat where there were around 10 of us in total, a good number so it wasn’t crowded and we had our own space to move around and look over the boat at the dolphins. The boat set off with the sun rising in the distance, which could not have looked more beautiful. 

The reason for leaving so early was because we were told the dolphins swim to the west coast  each morning in the more shallow waters to rest, before swimming into the deep sea to fish later in the day. 

In the distance we saw the dolphins swimming in packs and our boat slowed down so we could observe them. It was the most beautiful sight, seeing the dolphins peacefully swimming with their little babies following side by side. The best feeling of all was knowing they were happy and at peace, and swimming where they wanted to. 

If they wanted to, they could swim off into the sea, but I got the impression they knew we were watching and wanted to entertain us! They swam around our boat, occasionally jumping up out of the water and making a big splash! 

We were given the opportunity to jump into the water with a snorkel and watch them from under the water. We jumped off the boat and floated with our heads under the water, patiently waiting for them to swim past. All of a sudden out of nowhere, they gracefully danced under us as our feet dangled in the water. It was the most magical experience! 

The dolphins played around and entertained us for over an hour, before it was time for us to leave. I could have stayed and watched them all day if I could.

Dolphins are such beautiful and spiritual animals, and on our ride back to the shore I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d just witnessed, and I felt so incredibly lucky to have been able to witness them free and happy in the wild, where they should be.