5 tips for getting Back to Business after a holiday

Personally, my definition of a holiday is a break from the 9 to 5 routine, a chance to clear my head and have a well deserved (if I do say so myself!) break. 

As the end of the holiday approaches, I begin to feel a mixture of emotions. One is the dread of returning to my busy work schedule after such a relaxing couple of weeks, and the second is actually feeling excited about it. I thrive from being busy, and actually look forward to getting back into the swing of things with a clear mind bursting with new ideas.

The problem is that the idea of returning to the office and the reality that most people experience are two extremely different things. I vision myself bursting into the office, full of new energy and productivity, yet I’m usually met with a swamped inbox and anxiety of having lots to catch up on which leads to negativity and finding myself wishing I was back on the beach!

I wanted to share with you 5 tips that I’ve found help smooth the transition from holiday to desk. 

1. Don’t return to work the following day!

Make sure you leave a couple of days after your holiday before you return to work. There is nothing worse than returning from the airport and knowing you’re back at work the following morning! Spend these days unpacking, sorting your outfits out for work and recovering from jet lag. 

2. Keep your first day back free

Try not to have any meetings in the diary on your first day back so you don’t have the worry of preparation and can slowly ease yourself back into routine. 

If you have tasks to do before you go on holiday, don’t leave them for when you return. Instead, don’t be afraid to delegate to somebody who can get it done whilst you’re away. It’s better to get the task done regardless of who does it, rather than add it to your list for your first day back. 

3. Get into work early

On your first day back, get into work super early, have a good breakfast and spend those extra hours alone in the office sorting out your inbox before everyone else arrives. You’re bound to have lots of people asking you about your holiday, and many other distractions throughout the day too, so if you don’t get it done early you will begin to feel like everything is building up on top of you. 

4. Make a to-do list

As you’re making your way through your inbox, have a notepad ready and make a to do list as you go along. Mark what is urgent and not so urgent, and what needs to be done before lunch or by the end of the day. Be realistic and don’t try and get everything done in one day, spread it out throughout the week according to urgency. 

5. Dress for the occasion!

For your first day back, wear your favourite outfit. The outfit which makes you feel most confident. I don’t know about you, but motivation for me stems from feeling confident which  always boosts my productivity. 

I hope my tips have helped some of you ease yourself back into work whilst at the same time keeping your post-holiday glow! 

Let me know in the comments if you’re off on holiday this year, and if you have any tips yourself, I’d love to hear from you!