5 Tips on Getting Back to Business After Christmas

5 tips on getting back to business after christmas

Getting back to business after a long Christmas break is a struggle for us all. However, I also believe the more we talk about how much of a struggle it is, the more our brains tell us how hard it is! People are complaining all over social media this week about returning to work, and I am a firm believer that negativity attracts more negativity! 

The first thing is to get your mindset right for returning to work, and that starts with thinking positively. It’s as simple as that. Begin to see the positives in returning to work, instead of the negatives. An opportunity to get away from the ferrero rocher’s for a start! I swear to you I’ve eaten an entire box to myself in a week, I just can’t stop! 

Your mindset controls everything. If you wake up and tell yourself you’re in a bad mood, the rest of your day will continue in that direction. If you wake up feeling tired and sluggish, but tell yourself you’re going to have a good day, you will have a good day. I can assure you, if you continue with a positive mindset even when things go wrong, you’ll feel a million times happier and start to get more out of life. 

1. Plan your outfit

To get yourself off to the best start for the day, you don’t want any issues arising in the mornings before you’ve even left the door. Plan your outfit the night before and get it out, ready to put on. This includes tights if you’re wearing them. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve felt totally organised in the morning, and then I realise all my tights are in the wash! 

2. Have a healthy breakfast 

If you’re like me and have been living on chocolate, cheese and crackers for the past week, you’re going to need a good healthy breakfast if you don’t want to start falling asleep at your desk by midday. 

3. Ease yourself back into routine

A lot of people make the mistake of throwing themselves into a brand new routine come 1st January. Getting up ridiculously early for the gym and starting a crazy new diet surprisingly isn’t going to make you feel much better. It’ll end up effecting your time at work and you’ll burn out a couple of weeks in. Of course, I’m not trying to put you off of being healthy and exercising, but gradually ease yourself into it. 

4. Get into work early

The beginning of the year is often the busiest time. You’ve probably let your inbox slowly fill up over December with tasks you now need to pick up on, as well as new emails coming in each day. The easiest way to manage stress is to arrive in the office an hour before everyone else. This enables you to tackle your inbox and get some items ticked off your to-do list before everyone arrives and the 1,000 “how was your Christmas” questions come flooding in!!

5. Sleep!

I genuinely believe that Christmas jeg lag exists! I’ve been waking up feeling so unbelievably tired, despite having my usual amount of sleep. To overcome this, I’ve started going to bed earlier and trying to switch off an hour before I go to sleep. Those couple of extra hours of sleep have helped enormously and I’ll slowly reduce it back down to my usual routine over the next couple of weeks.