I am a strong believer that women should empower one another. It’s this belief that fuels my anger when I see women being mean to one another, mainly through social media where they’re able to hide behind a computer screen. 

On the other hand, it’s refreshing when I see women support and respect one another. “The success of every single woman is the inspiration for another” – Diane Von Furstenberg. This is one of my favourite quotes by Diane, who is one of my biggest inspirations in life, second to my wonderful mother of course. 

This topic is something I feel strongly about, which is why I was thrilled when Atterley Road contacted me to let me know about their latest campaign #ARWOMAN. Their mission is to get women openly celebrating one another and sharing with everyone who their inspiration is. What a lovely idea!

My #ARWOMAN is Diane Von Furstenberg, simply because she is empowered and empowering. Not content with living through somebody else’s wealth, she worked extremely hard and persevered when a lot of people would have given up, to create her own empire. She is a self-made successful woman who oozes confidence and passion. Diane’s clothing line reflects her spirit and is designed with the aim of allowing other women to feel confident and strong from the moment they tie the wrap of their dress. 

What I would like to know is, who inspires you? It is completely personal to yourself, and there is no right or wrong answer. Upload a picture of your inspiration to Instagram with the hashtag #ARWOMAN to join in with the campaign and help spread the word!

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Diane Von Furstenberg shares my belief that women should empower one another. I am inspired by her ambition and success. She has taught me to stay true to myself and that confidence comes from knowing who I am and what I believe in. What woman inspires you? Atterley Road’s #ARWOMAN campaign is hoping to get women opening celebrating other woman. Share with us your inspiration!

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I wanted to share with you Diane’s top 10 rules to live by, which I once read in Elle and they’ve stuck with me ever since:

1. Trust yourself. “The secret to feeling attractive, and to being attractive, is the confidence that comes from knowing who you are and what you believe in.”

2. Accept the passage of time.  “The older you get, the more you should learn to love life and appreciate the beauty that comes with age.”

3. Document your days. “Carry a camera and create an inspiring visual diary of your life.”

4. Your suitcase symbolizes your life. “The best way to know a woman is to open her luggage.  If she knows how to pack well, it means she understands , and cherishes, how to live a simplified life.”

5. Fashionable friends. “Choose fashions that make you happy.  I hope the clothes I design will become my clients’ best friends.  That way, when they open their closets, they will always encounter someone special.”

6. Dress your personality. “Always choose styles that also accentuate your personality.  Don’t use fashion to try and project a different persona.  Authenticity is key.”

7. Use your feminine power. “My mother taught me that being a woman is a privilege because the world revolves around us!  It is a precious gift, and its power should be used in a subtle and respectful way.”

8. Your handbag is your guide. “Before leaving home, check your agenda and organize your bag according to what you have to do that day.  Keeping everything in order makes life easier.”

9. Indulge yourself. “If you are like me, and don’t want to resort to Botox, book regular massages.  I’m sure it helps to keep everything firm and in it’s place!”

10. Lead a balanced life. “The best regimen is to keep moving!  Never stop working, travelling and seeking adventure.  Drink plenty of water, limit alcohol and sugar and get to your yoga class!”

I love inspirational quotes, and re-reading these was just what I needed for a positive start to 2015.