Finding Your Motivation – 10 Tips

There comes a time when we all hit a wall where motivation is concerned and need the occasional boost to get us back on track. I recently hit this wall after a long period in and out of the office travelling both on business and pleasure, and finding myself returning to work with a million and one things to catch up on.

The following 10 tips helped me to find my motivation which in turn improved my productivity and focus. 

1. Find your Mantra

Research inspirational quotations and write down your favourites. At the beginning of each day, pick one and repeat it back to yourself before you start the day, or if you’re feeling like you need a boost throughout the day. 

2. Give yourself time

Rushing and running late will only leave yourself feeling stressed and negative. Get up early and give yourself time to have a coffee/some breakfast and clear your head before you begin the day. 

3. Get active

I wasn’t always an active person, but I joined the gym a couple of years ago and noticed a huge difference in my mood and energy levels when I got into a routine. Even if it’s short bursts of exercise every couple of days, you’ll begin feeling much more energised, refreshed and motivated. 

4. Look after yourself

No matter how busy you are, you should always make sure you look after yourself. Take regular breaks, even if it’s just going for a quick walk, you’ll be surprised how refreshed you feel afterwards. Get a good nights sleep, eat healthy food and exercise when you can. I always find that I’m most motivated when I’m feeling good about myself and fully refuelled. 

5. Think positively

Positive thinking is more powerful than I ever imagined! I read the book ‘The Secret’ last year and I honestly believe that since then my life has changed for the better, all through the power of positive thinking. Instead of focusing on why you don’t want to go to work and other negatives in your life, be grateful for what you do have. Wake up each day and be grateful for the fact you’re alive and have a job. Thinking positively throughout the day and focusing on your goals and ambitions will in turn attract good energy into your life. Believe me, it works!

6. Make things easy for yourself

When you’re feeling demotivated, the worst thing to do is make life harder for yourself. Keep your diary relatively clear by making sure any complex meetings etc are scheduled for later in the week when you’re feeling more uplifted. Delegate some work to your colleagues to help clear your to do list. Just little things like this will make your day that little bit easier. 

7. Remember your motivated moments

Think back to the times you felt happiest and most motivated about your goals, and how amazing that felt. Use this as fuel to get yourself back into that mindset! 

8. Be confident

Put on your favourite outfit. This sounds ridiculous, I know! And I’ve mentioned it in one of my previous posts, but honestly this works for me. If I wake up feeling low, demotivated and not looking forward to going into work, I put on my best outfit and instantly feel better about myself. Feeling confident leads to a spike in motivation. Try it and see if it works for you too!

9. Get your head down

Personally, when I know I have a crazy busy day ahead, I start to feel slightly anxious. Instead of letting this anxiety lead to a drop in motivation, I make sure I start my day off correctly (getting in early, favourite outfit on, fuelled on coffee), and knuckle down. I keep interactions low, don’t let myself get distracted, put on my headphones and work my way through my to-do-list. I reward myself with a lunch away from my desk before knuckling down again. On these particular days, I’m left feeling my most motivated as I realise how much work I’ve got done. I wake up the following day feeling motivated too, as I know there isn’t a backlog of work to catch up on.

10. Don’t let one thing ruin your day

This connects with my tip about positive thinking. It’s so easy to let one negative thing change your attitude for the entire day which leads to a motivational slump. For example, if you miss the train for work, then it starts raining and you realise you’ve left your umbrella at home, 95% of people will then have a bad day. If you train yourself to continue feeling positive despite the odd downfall, you’ll notice a huge difference in your attitude and realise that it’s not all that bad!