My Favourite Career Podcasts To Motivate and Inspire

she goes wear workwear style oasis high street summerPodcasts have been around for years, but it was only last Summer that I officially joined the hype. I now have a library full of my favourite shows that I listen to daily.

For any new readers, I handed in my notice at my job as an Insurance Underwriter last Summer to pursue my blog full time. Although I was excited, I was filled with nerves, worry and anxiety about whether or not I’d made the right decision. I started listening to motivational podcasts to reassure me and help me keep a positive mindset, and I haven’t looked back. Over the months, I’ve slowly discovered and added new podcasts too my library and I now listen to at least one a day.

They have formed part of my daily routine and I like to play one when I’m either having my make up done, making some breakfast or at the gym. Before podcasts, I would usually just listen to music or have the TV on in the background, but I realised I wasn’t gaining anything from that. Podcasts leave me feeling motivated and full of new ideas!

I wanted to share with you some of my favourites at the moment that I’ve found myself going back to time and time again. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting podcasts to listen to, so please do let me know in the comments what your favourites are!

1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you’ve followed me for a while you will know how much of a fan I am of Gary. When I was fortunate enough to meet him last October, I actually told him he changed my life, which sounds dramatic but it’s true. After I started following him and listening to his advice, my entire mindset shifted.

2. The goop Podcast

I really enjoy listening to The goop Podcast, because it gets me thinking about different things. goop was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow and she joins their COO Elise Loehnen to chat with leading thinkers, culture changers and industry disruptors. My favourite was an episode with spiritual mediums that I think about every day.

3. WeHeardWhat?! 

This Podcast is by Danielle Bernstein, my favourite blogger who I’ve followed since I started myself back in 2013. What I love about Danielle is how she documents the business side of being a successful influencer, which s something you don’t see very often. She’s the definition of a girl boss! Her podcast isn’t very consistent and she only posts every few months, but I look forward to her episodes which vary from talking building brands, her involvement in a CBD company and chats with fashion CEOs.

4. Overnight Success

This podcast is by Maria Hatzistefanis, the founder of Rodial skincare and make up. I first read her book, Overnight Success, before discovering her podcast. She covers tales, tips and trends in life, work, fashion and everything in between. Maria is another girl boss and a true hustler! Her story to success is inspiring too which she documents in her book so I definitely recommend reading!

5. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

I only discovered Lauren Evarts Bosstick a few months ago and grew quickly obsessed. She’s the girl behind The Skinny Confidential brand which is made up of a blog, podcast and YouTube channel. What drew me in was her likeability and realness. She doesn’t hold back! She is joined by her husband Michael, a serial entrepreneur, on their podcast which is raw and unfiltered. They sit down with world-class leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders and ask the questions you really want to be answered!